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    It's a full hour of demon bounty huntin' dream butterfly seekin' supernatural good time... ...even if it admittedly really doesn't make much sense! 12:30 AM tomorrow night (11/20-21/2021). ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    Um... everyone else is posting pics...
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    Season 17, Episode 2! The 10 Tails has just awakened, and all hell's about to break loose! Is it too late for Naruto, Bee, and Kakashi to stop Obito and Madara's scheme? Find out tonight at 2 AM! ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    Episode 3: The Human Condition Dive deeper into Elle's world tomorrow night (11/20-21/2021) at midnight! Is she a Replicant or what? Find out tomorrow night--maybe! Only TOONAMI!!
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    Apparently every store doesn't have any chitlins
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    I don't like westerns The Harder They Fall Also Me:
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    You have the same bday as my mom…. Christopher.
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    I'm so glad my dad doesn't work at the airport anymore.
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    Unfortunately, I'm not International, I'm Continental...
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    NY Times has an article on Yoko Kanno, have to make an acct to read though https://www.nytimes.com/2021/11/17/arts/television/cowboy-bebop-yoko-kanno.html
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    They just opened it up last night I think I was tempted to say I was at risk and get it anyway due to the overwhelming number of people that don't want free wifi in their blood here
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    Well I finally bottled that motherfucker.
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    I'll get boosted as soon as I'm out of quarantine.
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    I need to get boosted but I'm worried about the crappy feeling the day after, because work. Are there symptoms post-booster? Are they easier?
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    Oh no, i wasnt saying that...i already got all of my shit exceot the brisket...i dont like to freeze tgem but i got an order in.....you post made me thunk i legit missed it. I havent been still in weeks and my days are just blurs...
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    Friday is extra slow because people aren't showing up to travel. Me when the nurse walks past my door What's really up on my computer What even is the context of thisd episode?!!!
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    Ohhhhh nice nice gotta love it
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    i have that and this on my 'work' playlist.
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    It was the highest rated rerun on Adult Swim for the 18-49 demographic anyway, there were some episodes of R&M and American Dad that did better in total viewers. Thanks for finding that chart, it's quite interesting. Only 39 reruns the entire week topped 0.20 with 18-49, only 11 topped 0.29 and only 1 topped 0.37 proving Yellowstone as an outlier at 0.60 18-49. There is no doubt that cable television is struggling beyond news programs and some live sports. The best rated reruns on Adult Swim in the 10-12am time frame aren't even hitting 400,000 anymore, that's just yikes. It does however make Toonami look decent by comparison. Despite those low numbers Adult Swim still got 20 reruns into the top 200 so that's 10%. They were all Rick & Morty and American Dad episodes, oddly not a Bob's Burgers in sight. Bob must be having a hard time in the 9pm hour but it did well in the 8pm hour on Sunday on FXX. The Big Bang Theory is decimating Adult Swim in total viewers but is just a bit above the best Rick & Morty episodes with 18-49. The best rated Family Guy episodes on FXX and Freeform are around 0.15 18-49 and Bob's Burgers managed to beat Family Guy on FXX with a 0.16 on a Sunday at 8pm.
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    Ah fuck, forgot the schedule! I am out of it today. 12:00 - Blade Runner: Black Lotus #1 - City of Angels - TV-14LV 12:30 - Blade Runner: Black Lotus #2 - All We Are Not - TV-14LV 1:00 - Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon #17 - Trap of the Two Perils - TV-14LV 1:30 - Food Wars! The Fourth Plate #10 - How to Cook a Killer Dish - TV-MAS 2:00 - Naruto Shippuden #362 - Kakashi's Resolve - TV-PGV 2:30 - Fena: Pirate Princess #2 - An Inherited Journey - TV-14V 3:00 - Dr Stone: Stone Wars #8 - Final Battle - TV-14LV 3:30 - Dragon Ball Super #32 - The Matches Begin! We're All off to the "Planet With No Name"! - TV-14 [two double-ups, ah ah!]
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