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    Friday is extra slow because people aren't showing up to travel. Me when the nurse walks past my door What's really up on my computer What even is the context of thisd episode?!!!
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    Good luck. As of yesterday, I'm five weeks post-op from an incisional hernia repair - here's hoping that your recovery is as uneventful as mine has been.
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    I have seen the word ginger so much here this week
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    Hell week is officially underway
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    I feel like killing someone while they're getting cookies is on the same level as killing them on a toilet. Like, that's just being extra mean. Besides the murder part. I feel bad for whoever owned that cookie shop. Here you are bringing joy to the world, then someone comes along and literally kills the whole vibe. Now it's gonna be the Murder Cookie Shop forever.
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    Literal shitty morning!! I was putting something in my trunk and I stepped and slid into dog shit behind my car in the parking lot. So I'm sitting in my car trying to get the poop off with Clorox wipes because I dont want to unload the miniature and track shit back into the apartment but I dont want to get poop in my car Then I was like ... well fuck where do I put the poop wipes? ... so ... I left them in the parkinglot ... right by this big ass smooshed turd. I put the shoe on the floor in the backseat and the miniature is just killing himself laughing about how everything smells like poop. I drive minus one shoe, enlist my sister to help unload the miniature and I'm walking to use my parents' water hose ... step in a fucking hole in the yard Then finally wrangle the water hose and I'm like .... wtf kind of nozzle has my step dad attached to this thing? .... turn the water on and its like power washer force and it sprays my shoe and me because there's a leak in it ... and I'm just standing there ... I should just go home and start over. The miniature and my sister's dog politely come out of the house to laugh at me XD I'm over it. I was a whole hour late to work this morning. Then I had to take an alternative route to drop the miniature off because they closed the street off I usually fly down to get to my parent's house because some jerks killed that guy at the cookie shop SHITTY MORNING
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    I dont believe for a minute there was no crush
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    How come there’s so many cool designs on bathroom tile. If I took tracing paper I’d get a bunch of far out shit. Lol shit. Tile. Bathroom.
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    That's good news. However what really matters is how it does in the box office. I'm still hoping it flops like GB 2016. Edit: Also forgot to mention that I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches Clownfish tv here.
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    I know what movie I'm not going to see this year. I don't think it looks much better than the 2016 movie. If I liked dramas I might like it, but I hate them. Having kids as the main characters isn't the best idea either. The episode ofThe Real Ghostbusters with the kids was one of the worst episodes. I've already downvoted the trailer on YouTube.
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    Eh, feel like they got the overall tone, at least in the first ep. Haven't seen anything else yet though so maybe that changes. My main nitpick, at least in the premiere, would just be the lack of allowing themselves to be at least a little more subtle and less wordy with some of the dialogue, like it seems they're kind of afraid to do that: CG for the Bebop and Swordfish are actually pretty good as was the brief exterior of the casino station and them flying through the gate area. Some of the outdoor sets definitely look too cheap, but I really dig the interior Bebop set. Some of the camera framing in there was spot on too.
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    As long as CC keeps Futurama on early weekday mornings, I don't want it moved. You know what they should do that they never did for no good reason even though their entire fan base has known since A.S's inception would've been perfect, but they'll still never do it because they suck? GET THE CRITIC.
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    I keep seeing intentional men's day and I feel like it's just a more honest representation of what's going on here.
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    I'm not much into celebrity gossip, but I REALLY want to know what that man's schlong looks like.
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    I'm pretty sure they're down there, but I can't seem to find them.
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    Thanks for the support Scoob (:
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    I'll be 20 mins from this, on a bad traffic day
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    That dude is an idiot.
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    It's been well established that Netflix has "fuck you" money. (See: JoJo Part 6). But this project and Death Note also prove they have "fuck up" money! 🤷🏻‍♂️🤣
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    Being a person who grew up on seafood, I mostly ask if it's all seafood or just shellfish because all seafood allergies just make me sad.
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    Spidey invented the selfie stick..y.. web..
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    I wish fruit stores would offer pawpaw fruit Hate that despite being a native tree you can't easily find the fruit It doesn't travel well so groceries won't carry it Wonder if I could grow one
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    This board is dying and I'm afraid I'll never get the answers to the questions I really want to know the answers to: Will the virgins ever get laid? If they will, How Sway? Will Scoob ever get to see Ghostrek's peen? Is it even impressive? Will Kudasai's dad ever tell him he smashed that lady on his massage table? Will Sorce get excessively bougie after she writes a crazy good story and makes all the money? Will DoomWellActually well actually himself into a relationship? Is Nabs going to secure appropriate housing and live a life without pests? Will Sawdy, Pooh, Buddy, and Disco ever meet up and trash an unsuspecting bar/hotel/ burn down an IHOP at 3am?! Is that one dude going to make it as a comedian and make me start watching The Daily Show? Who is actually funnier? That one dude or Mix? Am I ever going to secure a corgi? Legally or illegally? When I (il)legally secure the corgi, how will I alert Molar? Who has more anxiety ... me or Naraku? Will Athena ever like her job? How will I find out about Disco's upcoming handicraft projects? What is Odin's creamy grandbaby going to be for next year's Halloween? Is Pat's baby still watching her soaps in her little baby sacks?
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