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    Got a tortoise. His name is Raphael. Lil baby self just eats and sleeps for now.
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    The twist....he really WAS his dad
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    Any arc involving happy Eri is good and I will die on this hill. Come fight me.
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    wait, just want to get this right, 'cause hai. your good friend was like your dad, and he was your roomate?
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    Monday proved once again that any team can beat any other team... ...but nobody beats the Zebras.
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    I genuinely hope the fancy youtube man and his thirsty gremlin waifu get a happy ending.
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    Scores and picks are up. Maybe we won't have quite as many upsets this week. Or crappy refs....
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    I’m so tired of going to Hell because of you guys 💩
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    Anyway, this week I'm on a cane because I threw my back out.
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    That fell through after his body transformation pics weren't as well received as Kumail Nanjiani's.
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    snap, crackle, and pop standing up.
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    For me, the first big one was songs that were popular when I was in high school getting air play on classic rock stations. The other, needs a little context.... My entire life, people have always thought I was much younger than I am at any given time. My whole childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. When I was the oldest one on my tee-ball team at the age of 7, the coach talked to my mom about maybe I'm too young to be playing yet. When I was 10, people thought I was 7. When I was 13, people thought I was 10.... Skip ahead some years, I go back to school in 2011 at the age of 28. I befriend this dude in my chemistry class. He asks me when I graduated. I said 2007. He was like 2007????? Then I was like oh you mean, high school or college? He goes high school! Then I go oh, 2002 then. I graduated from college in 2007. He was shocked. He thought I was straight out of high school like he was. Now keep in mind, I've never bought alcohol before, because I was never a drinker. Any time I ever drank, someone else bought it (pretty much always my parents). Also, keep in mind, that back when I was a KID, I don't know what the law is now, but in California the law was/is if you are buying alcohol, the cashier legally HAS to card you if you even LOOK like you COULD be younger than 35. So a couple or so years ago, when I was around 36, me and my singer are on our way to band practice, and we get our normal pizzas and we stop at a convenience store, because he wants some beer. He asks me to buy it for him since he was low on money at the time and he will get me back (he is definitely good for it, I have lent him a ton of money and he always pays me back very quick and I never even have to remind him). So I bring the beer to the counter and I was I like "oh I guess I have to show you my ID." The cashier was like, "That's ok, I can see the grey in your hair." I was absolutely stupefied.
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    This board is dying and I'm afraid I'll never get the answers to the questions I really want to know the answers to: Will the virgins ever get laid? If they will, How Sway? Will Scoob ever get to see Ghostrek's peen? Is it even impressive? Will Kudasai's dad ever tell him he smashed that lady on his massage table? Will Sorce get excessively bougie after she writes a crazy good story and makes all the money? Will DoomWellActually well actually himself into a relationship? Is Nabs going to secure appropriate housing and live a life without pests? Will Sawdy, Pooh, Buddy, and Disco ever meet up and trash an unsuspecting bar/hotel/ burn down an IHOP at 3am?! Is that one dude going to make it as a comedian and make me start watching The Daily Show? Who is actually funnier? That one dude or Mix? Am I ever going to secure a corgi? Legally or illegally? When I (il)legally secure the corgi, how will I alert Molar? Who has more anxiety ... me or Naraku? Will Athena ever like her job? How will I find out about Disco's upcoming handicraft projects? What is Odin's creamy grandbaby going to be for next year's Halloween? Is Pat's baby still watching her soaps in her little baby sacks?
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    I'm sure most of you remember it too.
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    I thought he was fine for a guy making his first start on short notice, playing with players he has never played with before (Packers played no starters in preseason). KC blitzed the fuck out of him, which the coaching staff should have known going into the game and yet made little effort to counter the blitz, regularly going 5 wide and running long developing plays. They left rookie Royce Newman on Chris Jones all game and he had one of the worst performances I've ever seen. They did very little to help Love out, especially in the first half. Should have come out and ran every play until KC proved they could stop the run. Don't understand why they didn't go with the Arizona game plan and run it down their throats. He did an amazing job escaping the blitz most of the time, just couldn't connect on much of anything after that. The one interception, the CB just took it away from Davante. Should have been on the outside shoulder, but difficult to make a perfect throw with two guys bearing down on you. That's a hell of a play by the corner. All in all, not terrible. Obviously he isn't a 17-year NFL vet and needs to get better versus the blitz, but he showed a lot of promise. Would like to see what he could do when the OL can actually block.
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    I'm not Asian, but I knew it was a slur prior to the word filter.
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    wife made pasty tonight. as someone who ate it a lot as a kid up north and never gets the chance to eat it down here, i think she did a great job. my old uncle george would have been proud. so anyways, the amazing (bastardized from conrwall) wisconsin pasty: shortcrust pastry laid into pie platter fill with sliced potatoes, hamburger, tenderized round steak (cut in 1" cubes), sliced onions (all raw btw) add lots of butter...like at least half a stick, sliced salt & pepper to taste cover with another shortcrust pastry, pinch edges to make a pie bake at 350F for 90 minutes cut that baby up and serve it like a pie...with more butter some ketchup traditional recipes call for these to be made as a single-serving handheld meal, with the pastry being filled on only one half, then folded over and pinched to make a D shape. these could be packed out and eaten on the fly, which was great for the old lead miners of sw wisconsin. i like the pie version myself, because it just makes more and you don't eat with your hands.
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    I don't know if it's considered 'old timey' but I make my own elderberry syrup [ since it's suddenly a thing again ]. 1 tablespoon dried elderberries 1 tablespoon dried ginger bits 1 tablespoon dried cinnamon chips Fill small pot with water, toss dried bits in, bring to boil and boil for 5 minutes. Reduce heat to simmer and simmer for 5 minutes while stirring to keep things from clumping or burning on the bottom. Turn off heat, cover, and let steep for at least 30 minutes. I usually go for 45. Pour through cheesecloth and strain all liquids out. Stir honey into the mixture to taste, making sure it dissolves. Store in fridge to keep fresh longer. It's not always easy to get cinnamon in chip form around here so I have a marble mortar and pestle to get everything to the size I want.
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    Random potshot at OP, Loosely constructed metaphor expressing my disdain for your ignorance Bullshit claim about returning to DF.
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