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    In which an out-of-place piece of technology makes a wannabe big-time anime reviewer lose his marbles in an obviously manufactured bout of rage.
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    Piracy never looked so good! Midnight tomorrow night (10/2-3/21) Only TOONAMI!!
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    The "My Villain Academia" mini-saga continues! 12:30 AM Tomorrow Night (10/2-3/21) ONLY TOONAMI!!
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    Shippuden 360 Discussion Jōnin Leader
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    The family is celebrating some belated birthdays today. I don't know if I'll be able to watch some of the earlier shows. I might be able to watch the live stream on my phone, if the technology all cooperates. Hopefully I'll at least be able to see Black Clover on my TV at home. I don't care if I miss Food Wars or Shittuden. Does anyone know when the episodes get posted to the Adult Swim website?
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    It's easier than that. If everyone over 18 has a million, initially what would be the motivation to work for those with the money? So now you've got only 18 & younger who will work...but child labor laws prohibit some from working. Now we're down to 15-18 year old's working, so you're running into shortages for food, clothes, durable goods, etc. and the prices climb like crazy. Suddenly, that $1M isn't going as far as you thought and people need to go back to work. Excuse me, I have to go wallpaper the walls...
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    with all due respect, i do not like feet.
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    Yeah, this show is far from perfect, but I've been enjoying it largely because of how different it is, compared to both the typical co-pro but also everything else Toonami has been airing lately. It's a pretty breezy watch that manages to maintain a good balance of playfulness and seriousness. One of the ANN reviews compared it to a YA novel; give me more of that over an endless parade of Shonen Jump adaptations.
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    Not sure how people are taking to this show even 9 episodes in, but I do applaud it for not trying to be completely stereotypically "anime" like a lot of co-productions are want to do sometimes. It's the generic stuff that gets copied to hell. Copying pirates is a unique approach. Of course I'm still waiting for Powerhouse to make a James Bond faux-anime that ends up resembling Golgo 13. They have at least a dozen books released during the 80s and 90s that they could use for plots.
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    FOOD WARS: THE FOURTH PLATE - EPISODE 7 THE TWO QUEENS With Soma's win the heated battle now enters its 4th bout! The three remaining Central members are Tsukasa, Rindo, and Momo. With the stakes being the highest they’ve ever been, the rebel team goes all-out with their best, too. What nefarious moves will Central pull next! Find out at 1:30am!
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    Actually, watching the unriffed ones takes me back to my childhood, when we'd watch Monster Movie Matinee and Chiller Theater, and try to figure out the special effects. Plus, my mother loved giant bug and/or lizard movies, and she'd always watch with us. So it's not as awful as it may seem.
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    LOL was just flipping channels and this old repeat Halloween Special of Iron Chef America with such random combinations is such a Food War.
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    It seems like the alien body was just a shell for that face sucking creature
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    more than likely the alien spawn are going to explode out of their abdomens alien-style
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    death valley- the only thing i'm liking is the amelia earhart subplot, but one of my favourite parts of ahs is incorporating real people/historical figures in the plots. the pregnant kids is dumb.
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    ahstories was ok, nothing to write home about. the drive in episode reminded me of the Cigarette Burns episode of Masters of Horror, only MoH did it much better.
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    I'm replying only to the thread title here but it sounds like a good idea.
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    Yep. I thought that was the title but then I also wasn't sure if I was right XD
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    We're humans....of course it will be violent and i hope they come in peace with weed and hookers but they kick our ass and use our corpses to grow more weed....and hookers
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    I have an old fireplace bellows that has a length of surgical tubing ran from the tip to the intake just in front of the MAF sensor. This seemed to be the most logical way to force more air through without damaging the engine components. At first, I tried to manually pump the air by mounting the bellows to the dash and cranking it up and down as I attempted to gap fuckers by using the center turn lane at red lights. The problem with this was, being that I am boosting a 4 on the floor beetle, it was tricky to coordinate all the different actions required as I would row through the gears while applying that additional PSI. I could choose 2 out of 3 actions with regard to slamming the tranny for intimidating money shifts, steering, and applying the boost, but not all 3 at once due to a lack of additional extremities. I considered having a friend ride along to handle the boost duties, but for obvious reasons that wasn't a possibility. One method I experimented with in trying to perform all actions was to steer with my left knee while shifting and pumping the bellows. This wouldn't work as I wouldn't be able to lift the clutch. The right knee was considered, but quickly forgotten because only civic drivers lift off the throttle while shifting. The right foot would need to stay planted, and the left foot needed to be available to work the clutch. No go with repurposing a leg. One day, in frustration, I laid my forehead on my steering wheel at a red light so that other drivers wouldn't be able to witness my tears over being unable to operate this vehicle. I thought that maybe I'd never have the skill to handle such a powerful machine. But then it hit me: I can steer with my head! When the light turned green, I placed my left hand on the shifter, right hand on the bellows, smashed the gas, dropped the clutch, then pressed my forehead back into the top of the wheel and proceeded go laugh across the intersection. The insurance claim that resulted helped me to realize that I would need to be able to see where I was going, ruling out the use of my forehead. I wasn't ready to scrap the whole head, though, so moved on to trying to use my chin. This worked to a degree, but there was no way to grip the wheel with my chin and the wheel would slip and the car would quickly become uncontrolable under the the extreme boost. I tried to bite the wheel, but I wasn't able to wrench my neck to great enough angles to steer the car more than a few degrees off of its path. This also wasn't going to work. I knew I was getting close though, so I didn't want to give up. I just needed a way to rotate the wheel with my head that also allowed me to keep my head up right and eyes on the road. When my finally figured it out I felt like an idiot. The solution was so obvious, I would use my mouth, but I wouldn't bite the wheel. I would need some sort of long, slender handle to fix to top of the wheel. I could then put my mouth over it, hold it tight with my lips, and allow my saliva to lubricate the handle as my lips slid around it. At first I tried duct taping a section of a broom handle to the wheel, but the splinters were unbearable for anything more than a trip around the block and the tape allowed for too much wiggle for the handle steer precisely. I would need something more smooth and way to attach it to the wheel firmly. [21:37] As it turns out, my sister is a lesbian, and like most lesbians, secretly craves and wishes she had a penis. As such, it was only logical to assume that she owned a strap on dildo. I explained to her what I was attempting to do and asked her if I could have her strap on to use as a mouthpiece for my muscle car. Like a complete bitch, she refused. Well, she has a regular 9-5 job and is out of her home for most of the day. Due to my dedication to refining my ride, I hadn't gone to work for about a week. I was fired, but I wasn't exactly devastated as building beefy five layers didn't satisfy my soul in the way I thought it might when I first applied. Having no job combined with laughably brittle windows equalled me being in position of my sister's sex toy rather easily. Upon returning to my car, I wrapped the straps as tightly and securely around the wheel as I could. The dildo protruded straight and strong from the top of the wheel. I gripped it tightly in my hand and gave it a couple dozen good tugs to ensure it's stability. Hardly any perceptible movement. Perfect. Hand on the plastic cock, I looked up to admiring my work, eager to test it out, when I saw a rather unremarkable example of a Midwestern female seated inside a corolla glaring at me in disgust. I could feel the condescension seeping out of her as she looked over my bellows beetle. Any other day, I knew there was no chance of outperforming her Toyota precision machine, but now with my masterwork completed, I was willing to take on anyone. Without breaking eye contact with the suburban female, I spat in my hand and rubbed my saliva over the steering device, ensuring I was properly lubed before taking her to gap town. I started my engine, placed my left hand on the shift knob, right on the bellows, slid my mouth over my steering handle, and revved it up in neutral while I pumped the boost in vigorously. I could tell by the look on her face that she was scared. She broke eye contact and pulled away from the stop sign without even so much as a slight peel out. I had won. I had constructed a machine so powerful that I could end a race before it even began. This is power you spooly bois can't even begin to understand. So, if you ever find yourself at the long red light at the intersection of 13th and Pine, I'd suggest you make sure the guy next to you doesn't have anything in his mouth before you try to issue a challenge.
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    That was really just a boost mobile reference....but keep maintaining.
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    Holy shit, I didn't even notice Zeni back there
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    All joking aside. I think it’s a large problem of Adult Swims than just Toonami i think most likely every night of the week has lost the Family Guy audience. FXX had an increase almost the same as Adult Swims decrease last week. People will just flip to wherever it is You have to take into account that the w tire network relies on Family Guy to boost viewership. Nothing is going to touch that Rick’s nice but it’s not the same level of casual friendly that Family Guy is
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    I hate it and kinda wanted to delete it out but then a random strap-on thrown into this would make no sense None of this actually makes sense
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    Wait .... ....... wait What about lesbians and hands on cocks?!
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    Strangers by the Shore. I'm literally in the last 15 mins but I can't finish it in case they smash All my patients are old so I guess they were like.... close enough
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    I’ve been sober for 500 days.
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    Ok so it turns out these guys were actually ok dudes...with the exception of drinking up 2 bottles of my Patron and a bunch of beers, and smoking half of my staff into oblivion...I'd probably hang with them again.
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    Perhaps but they are airing the 2014 Michael Bay produced Ninja Turtles on their ACME Night block on CN so maybe they could get Batman vs TMNT some day. I think the TV rights might still be with Nicktoons at the moment but I honestly have no idea. I'd sure love to see Batman vs TMNT on Toonami though. Red Hood is fantastic and Batman Ninja is a sight to behold. These are good picks for another DC night. Glad Fena isn't getting pre-empted but since MHA is, they'll either have to double it up on October 23rd to finish the same night as Fena (and stave off replacing Black Clover another week or two baring a marathon). I'm thinking they'll do a marathon of My Villain Academia on October 30th and if they don't double up MHA on October 23rd then they can start the marathon with the final episode of season 5 then repeat the six episode villain arc and maybe throw in the episode right before that to cover 7 slots. Alternatively they could marathon Fena or some other show. I'm pretty confident Blade Runner: Black Lotus will replace Fena but I have my doubts they'll want to do that on October 30th. They could have done this way smoother and promoted DC Fandome before it actually ended if they did so on October 9th. Then they would have really needed to double up Clover. Oh well.
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    This is the most batshit amazing Batman animation ever and I hope more people enjoy it.
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    Or a morning radio show. "Hey hey hey, it's Xanthnar and The Bognoid! [toilet flush]"
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    Ain't nobody cleaning for dick. If you go over somebody house to bang and it's nasty ... guess what
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    Oh, dear. This is another one of those movies that I own an unriffed version of...
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