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    Kirby Morrow also played Trowa Barton from Gundam Wing and the original Van Fanel from Escaflowne, among COUNTLESS other roles. Was a staple during the formative years of my anime fandom. Quite a great loss.
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    Yeah, among the best this show has to offer for sure!
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    Yeah, convenient that she didn't come along on this one lol
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    The original Sesshomaru came back actually. But the original Kagome retired apparently, so we are stuck with the one from Final Act.
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    Miroku is now voiced by Ian James Corlett. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ian_James_Corlett
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    So yeah, all this time fans were guessing and theorizing like crazy about where Miroku and Sango were and what happened to them. It turned out they were just in another village.
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    You're even crazier than Himiko, you blue bitch!
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    More like when your friend is on the enemy team
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    When Asta was talking to the Devil that was the most serious I've ever heard him haha.
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    It's been longer than 50 seconds... 🤷‍♂️
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    Something tells me Vanica isn't going to be reformed and become best friends with everyone lmao.
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    Dabi exists mostly just to remind me that I'm still capable of feeling shame, and I just wanna know if his dick is normal or if it looks like a hot dog that fell into a campfire.
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    I haven't seen the last 30 episodes, and my God it's the same exact shit. Freaking out over ordinary cooking techniques used by billions, cutaway to someone having their clothes blown off by the amazing food. How much longer does this go on for?
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    Angelic MILF Sango! ❤️ But was the point of hiding her face?
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    Japan and their gender views. does Megumi have to be the only one who isn't OP?
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    Yeah, and apparently he'd already started recording too so we would have heard him back. Man, I didn't know that either, damn.
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    Setsuna is the only one with amnesia. But she knew who Miroku was and just didn't recognize him with the longer hair?
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    Glowing review for this episode: https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/my-hero-academia/episode-109/.176764 Yep, that's right. 4.5 stars! On to Yashahime, already in progress!
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    Damn, they really DID change the title card screen to read "My Villain Academia!" Somehow I missed that in the first episode of this mini-arc!
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    Yeah I got those vibes before but didn't notice as much til I watched that Harley Quinn series recently. It should have been more obvious before now to us haha.
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    And Fena just seems to have had a confused orgasm?
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    it's your turn to fall under her spell, Shitan
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    i'm lae bcaus i was playing among us with friends, but i napped earlier, so i think i'm in it for the long haul tonight.
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