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    I went through some old ass pictures and felt like sharing.
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    Once...for free....because I'm not bucket
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    Or he has a secret bank account he's not telling you about.
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    The bears don't even have to be smart, just smarter than the average ones.
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    Anything is sexual if you believe it
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    Well I know what I'm like having sex. I'm just curious about other people. I'm sure nobody has sex the same and porn is weird. Gotta get those optimal shots. I just saw a porn meme of some dude sticking his whole hand in this lady's mouth and Im like .... what are we even doing?!
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    3 day weekends aren’t worth it when you cram 5 days of work in to 4 days.
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    Somebody else has to look at people and wonder how they have sex too
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    Endeavor's redemption arc was pretty awkward indeed! https://www.animenewsnetwork.com/review/my-hero-academia/episode-105/.175524 4 stars--pretty good episode, despite the awkwardness!
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    Waiting to a reasonable time to text my new manager to the job I haven't started to see if I can take myself and kid to get covid tests instead of starting on my first day. I hope they can just push back my start date .... and they don't go ... welp .... no job for you and I lose my job
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    No, but you did misname him. Mick Foley wrestled as Cactus (not Calico) Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love.
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    and this past May, the ASMB would've been old enough to vote
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    just google "hiv plasma arrest" and read the stories that pop up. No thank you. I'll stick with doordash.
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    Does he really want a blockbuster live action One Piece movie that bad? I honestly can't see this doing well in any capacity. One can argue for live action Cowboy Bebop, or even a live action Death Note, because those shows aren't terribly far removed from the realm of reality. One Piece has FAR to much of a fantastical and cartoon-like feel that I can't see how this is going to translate over to live action well. It's going to end up either too grimdark and gritty to feel like One Piece, or it's going to to be too overly bright and cartoony that it's going to turn off anybody coming to watch it.
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    I'm not aroused by it. I just wonder sometimes. Like you see an old couple in Costco and be like .... I wonder how they get it in.
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    Nope, never. Is it donating if you’re getting paid for it? Is it still a donation of blood?
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    Yeah, DF has just been teeming with posts clamoring for your return....but i made katt hide them from your accout to save us the embarrassment
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    Worried about starting my new job Tuesday. I was looking forward to being stuck in a new hire orientation class and not having to think until probably the next week. Only they approved me to start before the new hire class so I guess it'll be straight on the job training.
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    Yeah, she looked pretty good in both hair styles before Charmy finished her off.
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    These Spade Kingdom jackasses are cheating with demonic steroids!
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    Hopefully the anime will come back once there is enough manga material to not have to resort to filler.
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    NOW I can post it! They are the same demons from Final Act! https://inuyasha.fandom.com/wiki/Kinka
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    That is a way too talented VA to use on that random dot eyed villager lmao.
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    Wooo I found the full version of that picture. It was from the back cover of a manga volume.
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    i admittedly worried this would be pretty generic, but this joan of arc plot has me intrigued
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    Now I know the next character to look up, ah, ancillary content for.
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