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    The proper way to cook steak is of greater general interest than your personal life.
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    I'm a chef and some restaurants will absolutely not serve you a well done steak. Lower tier places, like Outback or Longhorn, will have no problem serving you one, but places that serve higher caliber meat will sometimes refuse to entirely. It's basically reducing the meat down to a flavorless, often dry husk. That kind of beef has all its charm and flavor profiles in being cooked as little as possible. I won't go above a medium myself, and medium well is quite difficult to do correctly and has to be eaten immediately off the grill. A good steak does not need any sauces or seasonings, or at most a bit of butter and salt/pepper. Not being a snob and telling you how to eat, just explaining how to get the most out of a good steak.
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    On topic, this is how your doctor feels about you
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    The serious dining spots have reputations to uphold, as well. For the amount of money a customer spends there, plus their reservations and any attire requirements, they deserve the best meal that can be provided. I have seen plenty of finished plates pulled off the line because they didn't meet the standards of the restaurant. We often feast with our eyes first, so appearances are everything at that level of dining. Why drop over $100 per plate if it's identical to diner food you can get for a fraction of the price? Plating and garnishing are super important, but above all else the food has to be a certain quality, as well. Not to mention these establishments often run limited items, based on what they were able to get that day/week, so they have to ensure they get things right the first time and not waste any of those precious, limited items. The meals are usually planned in advance, so your choices are limited to what was available and maybe a few different options prepared for that evening, not a full menu. Now I have worked at generic restaurants that served 6oz sirloins and we would serve them however anyone wanted them. But when I worked with wagyu? That shit was kept in a locked cooler and I wasn't even allowed to work with it for months until I was trusted. That stuff was often served one way and one way only, depending on the cut of the beef, so no wiggle room. Because what happens when someone gets a bad looking plate and they share it around online? That effects potential covers and it can be an uphill battle to win people back in a restaurant when they believe the quality has dropped, especially fancier places.
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    You are not a chef at some "swanky restaurant." I have worked in 4 star resorts in Las Vegas. These places are reservation only and have a required attire. You can make all the burnt steaks you want, I don't care, but you are insulting people like me because you're being a petulant child about how your dead cow is torched.
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    lol, Blackjack in New Vegas is completely rigged based on your LUCK stat. You can win nearly every game and know nothing about Blackjack if you have 10 LUCK.
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    And that's how we ended up with YashaHime
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    Danger you are the master and commander of gifs
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    So apparently some of the voice cast are on this, I can't hear anything at the moment but will have to watch it later if they keep it up after it's over to see they were able to say anything during it.
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    Episode 7: Meeting Through An Apple What a weird title! Find out what this is all about at a special time: 1:30 AM tomorrow night (8/14-15/21) Only TOONAMI!!
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    Look who is being the food police now.
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    So, you'll ruin food because someone said not to ruin food? Are you a fucking child?
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    Some crazy animation for this filler damn lol.
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    He's best known for composing this theme and many others
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    We have now caught back up to the present of the series
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    Huh. If I would've noticed that, I could've figured something else out a long time ago.
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    when Moroha isn't around i guess towa sticks with the demon slayers
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    LMAO bopped her on the head again. Hey this is a lot to spring on Fena all at once, dude! Calm down! Did the Batman disappearing trick again.
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    These look the same warriors from before. The arrow went shwoom haha.
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    Show looking and sounding very good so far. Nice OP. Fena is cute. Those fighters look like they are from Sango's tribe haha.
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    IT'S HAPPENING! Okay alerady I have loving her! She has spunk and draws like Chappy!
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    she' suppose to "stay alive" in a canoe in the ocean, alone....how?"
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    i never thought i would be this person. i feel like the 'angel of death'. hospice upped the morphine dosage. feeding is almost non~existant. trying to keep this man as comfortable as possible. i made the call yesterday. hospice nurse said it may be time to transport him to inpatient hospice care. i said 'i made a promise to this man 3 years ago' : i was enjoying my barley pop, my herbage, and some tunes, the old man came outside to sit, so we talked. he asked if i could play some country music ( i don't recall the artist) i 'ok googled' some music. a song came on that he and his wife liked. he started to weep. he said he knew that it would end one day, and he was afraid of a nursing home. i committed myself right there. i told him 'no paul, i will never let that happen, we will stay here with you until the end, and you will die in your house. your home'. so, i told the nurse no, he will die here, as he wanted. he wasn't any easy man to be around this last year, got on my last nerves, but these events brought me back to the man i love. the man i thought of as my own grand dad. so...that's it. end blog.
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