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    so i'm like 2 days late getting this shit done, but idgaf. we lost our accountant for the corporation that owns our bars, back in the start of covid. i've been completely on my own in handling payroll and wage reporting. needless to say, there was a bit of a learning curve to overcome. last week i was trying to get shit wrapped up so i could cut everyone their w-2 forms, and i realized our old accountant had fucked up A LOT of old filings. so i've spent the last week figuring out exactly what she borked, then filing amended 941 returns for every.fucking.quarter of 2020. this morning, i got all of the penalties and shortages figured out, finished up the federal unemployment filing, and cut every last god damn one of those w-2 forms. and i even submitted our w-3 up to ssa. payroll 2020 is FUCKING DONE and now i need a cocktail to celebrate. next on the list: corporate income tax return. this one might be a tad over my head...
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    wouldn't you just shit if he and elon musk teamed up to bore a giant hole into the earth, then took turns literally fucking the life out of the planet with their rocket-cocks? that would be nice.
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    The Trump team responded today and its going just super "To: The Honorable, the Members of the Unites States Senate:" Off to a great start there. Not like he cares though. He knows the GOP is going to bend over and take it from him rather than do their job and convict his guilty ass.
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    Thats because its people. Its always been people
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    dude I don’t have snow here but some asshole took out my driver side mirror last Friday
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    Did he just ask for a pat on the back for not being an unreasonable jackass?
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    The rest of it read something to the effect that there is very much moneies but much difficulties in to bringing it to Unites States Senate. Please to send bank infos for tranferes and sharing.
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    I'll never understand the black clover haters who act like this series did them wrong somehow and ruined they're lives it isn't the worst show ever but these people act like it is and instead of moving on they just keep shitting on it and talking about how much it sucks quite frankly i find this behavior quite sad and pathetic
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    Yah, we just called him westpark
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    I mean, I dont want to kick you while you're down... but you know damn well why people would say you're making all this up
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    I did, and I feel some kind of way about it.... they don't seem to give a shit... its a unique blue, so let me see those plows
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    Woooooooo!!!! FUCKIN PARTY
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    My local chiropractor is secretly a drug dealer. I stepped on his crack, so he broke my mother's back. 😱
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    Me, my bf and my gf when we visited over New Year's and my birthday
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    I dyed my hair again. Tired of student housing but love the rooftop access we have, gives a good moment to stop and smoke and think about things. Also just love how the sun can give some good angles. XD
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    Armie Hammer probably figured it out before everyone else. He was probably going down on his girl on a heavy flow day because he's a real man and suddenly realized she tasted like an even fresher version of Subway. It also explains why some of his accusers said he yells, "EAT FRESH," as he comes.
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    tell me about it... I went to O’Reillys to see if they could order me the part, come to find out the only place you can buy the part is through Kia... that means a $30 part it’s gonna cost me $80... assuming the inner mechanics aren’t broken and if they are the whole mirror hook up it’s going to cost me 700
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    See, I was thinking we cut out the middle man. I'll just lay on the floor naked on my back and let my dick get zapped by lightning.
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    If it lasts more than 4 hours, call your doctor.
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    Only time you're right is when you're aping someone who knows what they're talking about.
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    Hmmm, never heard of that angle with insurance, tho I don't think I've had a claim in 10+ years
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    i think ur stuck in a time loop just be really nice to everybody that usually gets u out of it
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    Is this what's called "mean mugging"?
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    Hey it's not all bad. You'll get to this banger of an OP that my sons did soon.
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    See... posts like this shit right here make me question this whole ruse... Zeni, be real.... slam a tall boy.... we need OG sonic rican
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    That's not my point. If you can do it to fuggs, you can do it to OP, who is willingly asking to be deleted.
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    You got me there.
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