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    THANK YOU! I've caught a ban because of his stupid ass too
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    "So what's up? You two lesbians or something"
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    legit that scene where he just YEETS Bitch sensei on the ground is the hardest I've laughed at an anime scene since Nichijou
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    hope you like going from your sexy boobsy blonde body to being a clunky 80s era robot, Alice...
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    The people Trump is gonna pardon on Wednesday 11:30 am is gonna be crazy.
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    Allowed deaths in the US from the 'hoax' virus as of 6:39 today = 400,031. This during the term of someone who once demanded Obama resign after 2 people contracted ebola on his watch. The assclown that whined about the golf courses not being open while people died is now attempting to throw himself a 21 gun pity party and then run like hell to keep from getting pitched in a pit for inciting insurrection because for the first time in his life he was told 'no' from some one other than an underaged girl that looked like his daughter. A 'President' that sucks so bad he got a perma from not just Twitter but SHOPIFY while STILL IN OFFICE. I could sell bags of dog shit on Shopify and still have a better rating. This is what you voted for. You have no one to blame but yourself that the face of the republican party is now a giant orange anus shitting on everything and scooting on the American flag.
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    Oh it did, just not this time. It was repping me from the original sighting. I only saw his blownout butthole 3 times. When sponges showed it. No shame. Just was like “guys does this look normal to you? I ate [insert stupid spicy food here] will I die?” The other time sawdsy posted it and the 3rd they were Packard’s eyes. Like some disappointing Cenobyte in a Hellraiser movie.
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    Another solid fight awaits. Man these demons are all creepy
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    I was gonna say the fact that this is a remake of an Old giant robot show, but is aiming to mimick it's unpopular unsuccessful American remake rather than it's source is already in perfect flavor with Trigger's weirdness
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    That detail and the mist, those backgrounds really do feel like classic Gainax.
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    it's always funny to me how Americans have cultural blindness and assume anything with an outline must be media for kids even when it looks like this
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    Him: Pornography will save the world Me, an Erotic artist:
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    We're gonna be owed a big Maki return next arc since it looks like she's sitting this one out after that battle with the last demon
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    IT'S PI. .... WAIT ARTHUR KNOWS PI?!?!?!! ARTHUR!?!??
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    I just gotta say ..... the talking animal thing is too ridiculous in that it doesn't work in this world. FIRE CANNOT DO THIS.
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    Tabernacle: a house of worship specifically : a large building or tent used for evangelistic services.
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    oh knock it off Kirito you'll wake up in 10 minutes and you won't remember any of this
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    oh and of course Asuna is there. She decided to live with him for 200 years. As if she would choose otherwise. MY LORD.
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    ....I mean I'm also going to watch AOT, SAO(begrudgingly) and Fireforce(which is growing on me TBH)
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    Fixed your shitty meme for you.
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    Monster at first glance Ripped hottie at every glance after
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    Oh it actually was a double headbutt opener LMAO
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    "SO that's why they discontinued Windows 95" "Yep"
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    LOL "the train has come to an unexpected stop. We apologize for any inconvenience they may cause."
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    time for that other Giant Robot show Trigger made that wasn't gross, homophobic, and badly written.........unless it is in which case...**dejected sigh**
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    So did I until she showed up in a nun habit a few episodes ago
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