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    Things that Ben Shapiro doesn’t know how they work: 1. Systemic Racism 2. Payment Equality 3. Zip ties 4. Pussy
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    I’ve seen a couple of vids where you can clearly hear the covid dry cough 😬
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    We can just take this meme and switch the "the left" and "the right" labels round and not only would it be just as true, it would be even more true. Get the picture yet? The difference was that the BLM/Antifa riots were because unarmed people were getting murdered by those sworn to protect the public, without them and their families receiving any justice for it, while the the insurrectionists rioted because their favorite president lost a valid presidential election. If you don't see the enormous difference, you fail as a human being. I notice you still haven't said anything decrying the violence on the capitol which is all the more telling how easily the labels on this meme can be switched. You never fail to excel at hypocrisy, it is flat out amazing.
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    I just accidentally neti potted down the front of my shirt. I think there's even water in my ears.
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    Fuckin people, they really fuckin suck. Young, old, or in between. They all suck.
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    This makes me so uncomfortable thinking that feet like this exists
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    Theres better dudes out here. He's probably giving out trash dick anyway.
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    Then you obviously know i posted it for you......none of these nerds watch football.....cept skiles
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    Its Tom Brady... I got like 10 people that send me this shit
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    I'm probably only confident bc I've done more stupid embarrassing things than anyone who is less confident so I no longer fear the embarrassment. Just imagine how free you'll feel once you've sent me your butt pics
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    Dont know if we do sport memes here
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    Yes. https://www.pbs.org/newshour/nation/metal-detector-installed-for-u-s-house-chamber
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    Dude, I'm not hot, I'm in my 40s, and I don't even pretend to be "hard" anymore...I'm a daddy dude...That's it, and somehow I still have women approach me simply because I'm hilarious and I'm not shy (which this isn't me saying "dude, stop being shy"...You are who you are)....Despite my recents jabs at you, you have the talent of charisma on your side as well...use it. Or don't...I mean, I guess at the end of the day, I can't want it for you.
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    Ok, I want you to read that post but remove you from it. Just put someone else in there... Should that person be as self conscious about their action when they found out the person they liked were a piece of shit.
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    Lol, you don't even buy this... I like the cut of your jib tho....stick to those guns even if they are the ones with the flags that say bang.
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    The Law & Order people trying to get approval from the left. How cute. Your people said looting and rioting was wrong. Didn’t acknowledge the many people that actually didn’t participate in any of that. Your fuckin people went armed into civil rights protests and shot people. Stabbed people. Ran over people, all in an attempt to assist the cops in maintaining order. What happened at the Capitol wasn’t even a riot. It was an insurrection. An insurrection encouraged by Trump and backed by a majority of Republicans. You don’t get to fuckin almost start a civil war and then stroke your dick to “do you get it yet?” Fuck off.
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    I'd say the biggest difference is that the previous riots were for things that actually happened as opposed to conspiracy theories. Also they didn't build gallows and chant to hang the vice president, either.
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    Yes, there are. And a ms. donk_enky saved most of them from Parler and passed it all on to the Feds before Parler could hide all their dirty laundry in a huff of righteous indignation. Including real names and locations of those members posting those things in that 'conservative safe space' . Including people from Indiana. Further, any and all attempts to equate civil rights marches to that shit-festival insurrection that occurred on the 6th is a false equivalency and if you had any brain cell action left at this point in the election cycle you would know that along with knowing that the only person who might believe anything you post at this point is Nabs who suffers from malnutrition and butt-worms. Those people marching for actual justice and accountability brought water bottles and signs. They marched down streets. They were then blocked off in areas at the end of the designated marching period so they couldn't just disperse as planned and tear gassed, pepper-sprayed and shot at for 'failing to disperse' . I know because there were marches right here. I participated. And I could hear the screaming from my windows that night when the police blocked everyone in and went off on them. And guess who did the most damage in the area? Rampaging white assholes who were outside the police parameter with guns who also just decided to break a bunch of windows near the police station because 'others would get blamed for it' . In fact, a damn lot of damage was done by rampaging white boys who were intent on creating as much mischief as possible because black people would get blamed for it. Those 'very special patriots' at yet another 'Stop the Steal' rally brought tactical gear, bombs, guns, handcuffs, lynching ropes, lethally tipped spears and did so because they were told by a big fat lie by a big fat liar that their votes had been stolen, that their election had been stolen, that they needed to fight hard and march on the capital to help those weak republicans do their job [ which was to apparently steal the election for their party so a big fat liar could remain in power ] . They had been told this for months leading up to the 6th and previous actions where armed LARPERS invaded government buildings without any repercussions allowed them to think that they were allowed to do all this shit. Hell, the same collection of halfwits that were the militia that hatched the whole plot to kidnap and execute the governor of Michigan were part of the attempted insurrection and had posted plans to storm the capital, set it on fire with lawmakers inside and film executions of anyone they catch AT THE SAME TIME AS THE KIDNAPPING PLANS. And that was from FOX NEWS. You know, your go-to source of 'real news' until they weren't real enough and then you ran to OANN to sniff farts. There was no problem with layers of military 10 deep on the steps of the capital during the BLM marches. There was no problem surrounding and arresting people [ including lawmakers ] who peacefully protested and kneeled in prayer. If you raised a bottle of water to your lips, you risked getting shot at or gassed for existing. But there was none of that on the 6th because 'the optics would look bad' . That's the exact reason released for not having any guards anywhere on standby for a white-boy rally that had been planned for ages and that there was plenty of chatter about violence. That's the reason it took 3 hours to get any significant amount of bodies to the capital to deal with the rampaging, looting, violent little monsters you seem to still think are 'patriots' . They had the usual security force and that was it to deal with a hoard of jacked up hillbillies with guns. And bombs. And handcuffs. And metal pipes. And wearing f-ing tactical gear. And waving CONFEDERATE FLAGS because...'merica? Here's a thought, Mr. Banjo. If idiots like you think the voting numbers are off, perhaps you are right. After all, how many voters DIED from listening to the lies about the Coronavirus? How many of them listened because they were brain-dead followers of a big fat liar? Maybe if your kinglette wannabe had taken things seriously from the very start, we as a country would be in a much better place regarding the pandemic than we are. Maybe those dead people would have legitimately voted for that clown because they were still alive. Instead of some of them being used to fraudulently vote for that clown after they had been dumped in temporary mass graves. But they aren't. 379,020 are dead 'officially' . That's a lot of lost voters...since, you know, 'the virus only' affects those old enough to vote. Post script, much like your choice in memes and news sources, this watermelon flavored ramune is disgusting.
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    Who could've predicted @Ginguy was going to side with rioters when they're right wing neonazis? Who could've predicted he'd make a hypocrisy argument while explicitly contradicting his own previous stance every time it's done by his side? Totally shocking, right?
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    There’s quite a difference between “this offends me REEEEEE” and “this somehow slipped past quality control and will likely lead Sony to killing the Crunchyroll Originals line. For one, the latter is a lot more fun for everyone as long as you didn’t work on the show.
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