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    trump~ i'm gonna' sue ALL the states the didn't vote for me. scotus~
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    And then this happened Supreme Court Rejects Texas Suit Challenging Biden's Victory - The New York Times (nytimes.com) The entire WH smells like a blown out diaper right about now...
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    I'm assuming Quackers isn't actually participating (because he never said he was), so I subbed in UWP. I will give neko a chance to pop back in and for anyone else to join in the interim, otherwise I'll do a reroll later tonight just so y'all can get started with actual partners. We cool?
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    All these claims of cheating and not any claim being substantiated. Courts have yet to accept the lie that the election was stolen, including Trump appointees. When does the farce end?
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    I got a blister under my toe for some weird reason. It popped and I decided to name it 'Asta' because every time I stepped, I felt like screaming. This has been this thread's moment of levity.
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    Presidential candidates do not personally go door to door after winning the nomination, campaign staff/volunteers do and they do that regardless of where the candidate physically campaigns.
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    I submit that any whispers of "secession" is perfect pretense to start discussing abolishing the electoral college, to reveal just how purple the country is.
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    An interesting take on things: https://www.bloomberg.com/opinion/articles/2020-12-09/out-of-office-donald-trump-won-t-matter-much Was Trump ever really engaged with anything that he didn't see as benefiting himself personally?
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    ...How did this snowflake rhetoric get pushed on the Dems again?
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    This is going absolutely swimmingly....And i like how nabs finessed his way into the game he's banned from. If you get anything at all Empress, i guarantee it'll come with covid.
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    When does someone from Trump's campaign photoshop his head on Kamala's body?
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    Hes all over the place https://clutchpoints.com/jake-paul-calls-out-lebron-james-rob-gronkowski-other-stars-for-fight-on-twitter/ Oh, this is the other guy.... I can't keep these fucking dudes straight
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    Jesus Christ you people will complain about anything.
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    And this is another thing that grinds my gears. Sucking HBO MAX is turning out to be a permanent thing Toonami has done, is doing, and will do for the foreseeable future, despite the irony of it all. When they ran Batman movies, I thought it was a one-time thing, but this announcment shows me it's gonna stick around. Yes. PLEASE tell me how great it is to abandon the one cable block that has basically kept me from ditching my sling.tv service. DOOooo tell!
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    Probably wish you hadn't said that, because I take shit literally.
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    The secession movements of the last 100 years have been attempts to secede from individual states and either join with another or form a new state. The closest it has come was Jefferson, which might have come into existence if it weren't for WWII. But large cities don't necessarily give overwhelming wins to Democrats as we saw with Texas, Florida and North Carolina, not to mention the Midwest as a whole. California and New York are likely to lose seats in the House this year due to populations shifts to Southern states and Texas, which are already seeing an inflow of people from the Midwest and New England. Of course, these shifts don't mean the states those people are moving to will flip Democratic, like we saw with the Democrat Fool's Gold known as Texas. Already you're seeing more media and tech shifting the direction of Georgia, Texas and North Carolina. In another decade or two, the South is probably going to rule the country if trends continue.
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    Happy four minutes left of your birthday it still counts >.>
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    like, do they really expect me to eat this burrito?
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    The Smashing Pumpkins, "Eye" (From the Lost Highway soundtrack.)
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