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    Hell yah! Rocket league and Sea of Thieves
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    Assassin's Creed Black Flag. Just finished sequence 11. I hope this game is near the end. I'm ready to play Assassin's Creed Valhalla. @Sawdamizer I'm picking up an Xbox card tomorrow, so I can be online again. Subscription has been out since I never play, let alone play online. But I'm getting one tomorrow, so we can play something. @Poof too.
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    I couldn’t find any baby pics, but here’s one of me from many, many years ago 😄
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    Like when he passes out on the couch after celebrating his birthday a wee bit too much; but his eyes are still partially open. I guess it was a good birthday. Congrats on getting older Sponges.
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    Generally nothing, because, even though there are always dishes I wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole, there is always enough food I do like for me. The one pick I can agree with though is Ham. Close, but not quite. Ham is acceptable any time EXCEPT THANKS-FUCKING-GIVING. THANKSGIVING IS TURKEY. END OF GODDAMN STORY. Although, again, if both turkey and ham are served, that's fine. But if its like, "We're not having turkey this year, we're doing ham instead," Fuck you. That's it, I'm banning YOU from Thanksgiving. 😜
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    ooooh 7 moved quickly to my favorite. i've played them all, some a few times. i haven't played the mp game, because i didn't play mp games, (until now~factions/the last of us) and i'm pretty bad at it. but i digress.... i'm excited and pissed for 8.
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    Dad got nasty on his massage table with some old lady
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    Sexys Midnight Runners Fight Said Fred
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    I have all of your dick pics and internet search history downloaded. I'm going to upload them to all social media platforms available and ensure that I enclose your name and address. I will do all of these things unless you provide me with $5000 American and a timestampped photograph of yourself doing the Nae-Nae. You have 24 hours to comply.
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    To anyone that has not tried these before, do not.
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    I've got both of em. I think I only have like another hour left on Black Flag. I'm on the last sequence. I'll finish that tomorrow when we get home. Then I'll be free.
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    It wasn't even a good hurdy gurdy that you got either.
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    I can’t think of any recently, but I used to get this one a lot a while back
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    I’m surprised it made the list at all. Don’t suppose DC will let Toonami throw more movies on while we wait for Gridman. Of course the new one won’t be out till next year.
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    Primal's got action. Toonami's an action block. I can see the connection.
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    ........ Dude, day by day you become more Packardlike
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    Cheap Frick The Dangles Steely Ban Quiet Diot The No-Go Girls
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    It was likely in a butt as well.
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    the rona mutates rendering vaccines ineffective. civil war 2 and ww3 at the same time. tsunami hits la. murder hornets establish a stronghold in oregon. netflix increases prices again. the sky fills up w/green stuff.
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    If they're still wearing shoes in bed, it's 100% porn
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    I have recited this at so many AA meetings that I've legitimately heard it perfectly in my dreams.
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    my eyes aren't compatible with resolutions that high. reason #392 why ps5 is better for me.
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