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    //> sometimes my dog thinks about killing me , and the squirrels outside conspire with him ./
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    *cat people smirking* Kittens really don't give a shit at night though, if they're unruly they jump on your face.
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    See, we all made fun of Rebecca Black, but now realize she was merely performing a public service.
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    That's odd, usually the blood gets off at the second floor.
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    I post whatever the hell I want so go fuck off
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    Hey. No it isn't. This is a critique on antiques/collectables and the difference between. I was mostly just spitballing, throwing out random thoughts I had. I have no idea where all the hate is coming from you guys, seriously.
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    apparently some people can't admit this pandemic has been such a dumpster fire due to piss poor leadership the same people who will throw a tantrum and threaten to beat people up simply because a store asked them to wear a mask the same people who will swear up and down that attack on titan isn't a political series
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    Same. We just woke up. Haven't slept this late in a long time. I woke up thinking it was Saturday. Also, to your comment up in the pictures folder, the Gullah people here firmly believe in what is called a boohag. Which is a female who can turn into a cat and sneak into your house at night and suck the air out of your body, leaving you exhausted when you wake up. Which is where the term hag ridden came from. Not sure if you've heard that term, but it's popular down here. One legend even states that a man woke up with a cat on it's chest, sucking the air out of him and he got up and chased the cat and fired a shot at it. It ran into the bushes and a woman spoke, begging him not to shoot again and that she'd leave him alone. She had a bullet wound to her leg, where he shot the cat in the leg.
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    2020 Has Been 2012 This Whole Time As the original Tweet in the deleted thread from Paolo Tagaloguin put it: “The number of days lost in a year due to the shift into Gregorian Calendar is 11 days… For 268 years using the Gregorian Calendar (1752-2020) times 11 days = 2,948 days. 2,948 days / 365 days (per year) = 8 years.” Which would mean that, “Following the Julian Calendar, we are technically in 2012…”
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    My car is in the shop, and I didn't feel like asking my one coworker for a ride or spending money on an uber. It wasn't too bad. Only took 45 minutes. Plus, I get my car back tomorrow.
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    raptor-katt is in your e-mails, laughing at all the mail-order bride porn spam...
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    Don't mind Jingo, his handlers are paying him good money to spew bullshit.
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    There are glass trinkets from 50 years ago that are worth hundreds of dollars today. In 40 years your rick and morty funko won't be worth a thing because there will be millions of them. The majority of those little glass trinkets broke, that's what makes the surviving few valuable. Nothing breaks anymore.
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    That is correct, no one got fingered in the parking lot.
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    new years eve is also my birthday so, i'm not getting any older this year, woo!
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    Maybe the Mayans meant 2021 and it was just a typo on their part. Put 2012 instead of 2021.
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    I wasn't going to get close to them, and I'm only scared of them when They are right in my face without warning...I'll shit a brick...But if I see it with like a 5 ft buffer, then I can plan whether it'll be a funeral or an extraction. Seriously though, one time I was asleep on the floor and I just....like randomly woke up. Right in front of my face was a giant thorax'd spider just staring me down. I put the paws on his ass because it was too late to look for something to hit him with. I literally beat up a spider. Another key time was when I was in my room watching Death Note in pitch black dark except for the TV glow, and something told me to look at the floor....I did and there was this fucking 8 legged tank...He saw me, and took off into my closet. There was no way I was going to find him in there, so I did what any sane person would do. I tossed a raid fogger into the closet, and went to my mom's house. And my latest terrible interaction was one morning when I woke up and was walking to my bathroom...I saw something on my wall, but I was half asleep with no glasses on and he was like "Oh, you can't see me....Let me turn up the resolution" and that fucker jumped on my face. I died that day, but my dad was a Venture and I'm a clone.
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    You could always watch it without subscribing to one of the streaming services. There's sites out there that I can't mention. Or there's always Crunchyroll. If you're willing to wait a week after it airs and watch ads.
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    I almost think that's where it always is...Or down there by archives...Either way, it's got a thread count of like 9 since it's been back. It's not on my radar much unless I toss another rant in FFA on accident.
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    I had already made this joke before. The SAO Progressive and Alternative predate FLCL's lol. Demarco still needs to show Alternative, though! But this one is fully a spin-off. It takes place in the Gun Gale Online world and focuses on totally different characters. And Reki didn't write it.
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    Jojo- I bet that gaping chest wound is really giving him Kakyoin flashbacks. And then everyone died. Oh shit full OP. I have no idea what he just said. Oh no it's a dog in Jojo! Uhh y'all okay there? Oh cool, Trish knows how to use a gun. Wait what. Oh god they're all body swapped. Surprise titties. Oh my god Misa gets the best dialogue. I like that they didn't go the obvious route of switching everyone's voices. Poor Trish is suffering. Narancia gets to sound smart for the first time in his life. Mista's right, bras suck. Uh guys Bruno might be dead. Oh cool, their stands are upgraded. Aw shit did the entire city get swapped? Even the animals got switched. Oh that's ominous. Oh my god tell me somebody switched with the turtle. Turtle Polnareff. The fuck happened with that arrow? Oh no, does that mean the turtle's soul is gone now? This is all because Polnareff was too dumb to use a hanger or something to grab it. Polnareff what the FUCK did you do? At least Chariot got a cool hat. Doppio is a good boy. I hope it's somebody on our side. I do like his cool hat. Oh thank god it's Bruno. Well hey, Bruno got a sweet functional body out of this! Ass Class- That's a great human disguise. You gotta kill those guys now. Thank you, Squid Sensei. Titties. I love her already. She's definitely got a tentacle fetish. Oh no, my ship has sank already. Me too, Squid. She's fun. False alarm, I'm calling the cops. The kids do have a point. I'm just rooting for Squid Sensei to destroy the world at this point. This is how i want to die. You can't defeat his boner. How are you so stupid that you didn't use the special bullets that can actually kill him? Tentacle punishment. Everyone is uncomfortable. He definitely went tentacle hentai on her. Nobody likes you, Bitch Sensei. Good kids. He's the best teacher. Oh god this lesson. At least she's trying. I love Professor Bitch. Clover- STOP SCREAMING YOU JACKASS. Oh good, more of the obnoxious one-dimensional character traits are on display here. Kill them, angry fire lady. No don't focus on the shitty sibling. Make them suffer for my amusement. I want most of them to die painfully. I would follow you into hell, J. Michael Tatum. Like Charmy, it's ridiculously easy to bribe me with food. Oh my god, stop screaming. Bird you can fly, just fly to the hot spring. I hate all of you. Kill them, Charmy. I want Noelle to die painfully. Definitely rooting for the giant death spider here. Oh hey, it's the good siblings. I respect a woman who sends the weaklings out to either win or get slaughtered. Oh no, this shit continues next week. Fire Force- Between this show and MHA, I've learned to never trust a man in a plague mask. Date me, Captain Sexy and/or Vulcan. I like how my two favorites in this series are ironically the ones who don't have fire powers. I live in constant fear of them dying. "Cool, bro." Why did they bring the nun who can't fight, and is too stupid to figure out an obvious trick? Every time Tamaki gets a painfully forced fanservice scene I die a little inside. Maki is my girlfriend. I genuinely forget that Tamaki is not completely useless. False alarm, Tamaki is in fact the worst. The show would be so much better if these two were just lesbians.
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