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    Yeah, I was about to say. I've been in the back of many restaurant kitchens, and Latinos tend to be cleaner workers.
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    So, hey, I recently found out this was a thing. I was lukini on ASMB. I mainly hung around IB, made sigs for people, and was fond of smiley indifferent. I recognize names here but have no clue if anyone remembers me. I'll probably stop around here from time to time.
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    Nope, but I am using the show's nickname "ass class" as the prefix again!
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    Here's your cake. Sorry there's only one, you'll have to split it.
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    People mistake cilantro as authentic Mexican flavor. I have a lunch truck I visit...Tastes way better...And fuck what Tsar said about sanitary practices....I've been to some terrible Chipotles, and not a Latino in sight.
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    I've heard others complain about the same thing. I hate when I keep seeing the same posts every time I open the tab. Facebook felt that I needed to see my aunt in a bikini 20 times the other day.
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    I'm gonna stab u in the gums w/a rusty screwdriver
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    Fuck you and your Q Anon rumor bullshit. No one is lighting fires. Not that you would know, what with being on the opposite coast and all... Shut the fuck up and step off, you shit muppet.
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    Episode 3: Karma Time Don't you brandish that broken bottle at me! What goes around comes around, 1 AM tonight (9/12/2020)! ONLY TOONAMI!! [please refrain from posting spoilers]
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    I have more DBZ yaoi art prepared for this just because I already made it...however no art for the rest of the block 'cause I've felt too miserable to make new art also it's very extreme
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    Thank you for changing the title. Every time I saw it, I thought 'Toonami is having a mid-life pornhub crisis...' .
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    that's funny. there's another person that thought it was a hairy vagina
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    for awhile before I looked more closely at your icon, I thought the lion was a goatee
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    Burn that mother down.
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    Me too VID_314590528_122452_241.mp4
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    nobody wins nobel peace prizes anymore. they purchase them.
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    Tell me one thing Black Clover does that hasn't been done much better by at least a dozen other past shounen series. Give me more than two or three characters who aren't solely defined by one single hideously-annoying personality quirk that's repeated ad nauseam every single time they're on-screen. (Any time the Black Bulls are gathered together I want to murder everything.) Show me one example of the series trying to take itself seriously that hasn't been crippled by ham-fisted writing. About the only thing I'll give Black Clover is that its animation team has managed to produce some jaw-dropping set pieces during big climactic battles. But everything else is derivative paint-by-numbers mediocre shounen with an eminently-punchable cast. And what are you even on about Poke.
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    Happy birthday @UnDeRwOrlDpRiNcEsS and @InsaneFox
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    Nah, I'm on your side....I love cilantro and they abuse the shit.
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    Not a single person likes you, Ginguy. Not here. Not anywhere. The closest anyone comes to enjoying your company is the fascists clapping like brain damaged seals when you whine and bitch and moan about socialism. They, as it turns out, don't like your personality. They vapidly cling to your general toxicity because that's also the only characteristic they have. Afterall, when a sensible person describes someone they like they will normally have more to say than "I like how he fellates mein Fuhrer 24/7." Unfortunately for a person as devoid of depth as you, the fellating of a fat, pompous geriatric white supremacist with brain worms is the literal only character trait your puppetmaster deemed worth conveying.
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    Q is a pedophile who owns 8chan.
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    Probably Trump supporters. Like that guy who flew from Missouri to California to start fires. Seriously it's YOUR kind who has a hate boner for everything california and west coast. This Qanon shit is probably an attempt to control the narrative before the truth comes out. Btw have your heard of Miracle Mineral Solution? I heard it's all the rage amongst the qanon community. It'll cure all your ailments. Give it a try. Don't listen to those normies if they tell you it's bleach. Q knows the truth.
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    it isn't the amount of cilantro that's the problem. you just taste it differently. https://www.britannica.com/story/why-does-cilantro-taste-like-soap-to-some-people
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    I got this mask in honor of my horoscope, Leo king of All
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    all I watch is GritTV and I like it that way fuck the other 2 channels I get
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    lthat's immature and stupid and doesn't disprove my point.you sound like a little kid
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    As long as they can 500% disinfect the office and are doing the most they can to keep everything clean and distanced, you shouldn't be afraid to go to the doctor. I went to the dentist and had to sit in the chair for like an hour and a half for a regular check-up (they were short-staffed) and felt 100% fine two weeks later. My mom in her 60's with seasonal asthma did the same and she also felt fine. It really depends on how seedy or comfortable your doctors office feels.
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    Happy birthday guys! 🎂 🎂
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    Eewwww. Phones. I know having a phone is important for emergencies, but I hate when someone calls. I just want it for me to be able to call if I absolutely have to, but I don't want anyone calling me. We have a phone in the kitchen and one in our bedroom. I will sit right here in my chair and let a phone ring and never get up to answer it. I don't even check the caller id first. Just let it ring.
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    That's real. Some of the things I've seen people eat while playing video games has made me completely unwilling to use other people's controllers. lol
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    Better get some other topics brewing on your subconscious. It is only a matter of time before the wolf BJ.
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