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    Why is Ginguy being so mean to someone trump supported??
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    Yes jingo, the left hates her too... she's a cop caping, minority life quashing piece of shit. Glad you've caught up via meme since you are completely out of touch with anything slightly regarding marginalized or subjugated peoples. Bloated fuckwit.
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    Found them thanks to info from the facebook group.. Earlier today in a weirdly laid out alley tucked into a storage container area adjacent to the duck pond. I passed out almost immediately afterwards and didn't wake up until midnight. Hooray for dogs they bring so much joy to your life.
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    Well....Nah, I'm not going to get into it here...I'm relaxed and I'ma stay that way....But yeah, this "2 party" shit is definitely a problem.
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    She is. I love the way she fucks me w/her big black cock.
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    I wish cancel culture worked as well as those bitching about it thinks it does. One sexual harasser gets bumped from one community, and then moves on to the next one with similar widespread harassment issues a few months later so we gotta warn folks about him over there. Can't these assholes just die in obscurity?
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    Not a blue state [ yet ] but plenty of room... http://missilebaseforsale.com/
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    Here's the problem with this though. We don't even know if 'herd immunity' is possible with this thing. We don't know it's mutation potentials, we don't fully know if antibodies linger on forever or if they deteriorate over time opening things up to the next wave or even worse they mutate themselves similar to chicken pox turning into shingles with age, and we do know that those that contract it have a very much weakened system from top to bottom but we don't even know how long that particular damage lasts [ does stuff heal back up over time, are you screwed / suseptible to opportunist diseases, will everything suddenly collapse a few years from now over a simple cold? ] . Until those things can be answered, people thinking they are doing the world a favor by being germ-spreader assholes in the name of herd immunity aren't.
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    It's like somebody cut the foot off of a Krogan, cut off the toes, hollowed it out, and tried to tell me it was a shoe.
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    I would argue that China is beyond authoritarian and is full blown totalitarian again (the only state moreso being North Korea).
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    I think feet are gross. Any type of feet. It kills me when my old bat grandma eats chicken feet. I just sit there:
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    Why do you like Tulsi? Isn't she a sOcIaLiSt?
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    Dear fucking ass don't make me download this shit.
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    I'm going to try to get tested tomorrow. There's a location not even 20 miles from me where they'll be testing at 10:00 AM. Three years, but I left for a different reason. We responded to a call and a person I knew had been involved in an "incident." Won't go into it further, but after that day I made the decision that I couldn't do it anymore.
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    Bring Jeff along right now. My Centaur needs someone to thirst for, and all of the men so far are losers Uhhhhh. . . no offense, guys.
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    All contestants in the Summer Games have to do this right before participating.
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    They are dedicated to ending their family lines one tiny unnecessary coffin at a time though. It's their 'constitutional right'.
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    i make 2 different style of masks. based on the olson. with 3 layers of 100% cotton, and interfacing. off topic. facebook rejected my posts in the local facebook sales sites. no reason given other than it went against selling regs? i didn't see anthying i was doing wrong. but whatever.
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    This looks like what a costume designer believed Timberlands would look like in the future...in 1992.
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    I hated that thing so much. I see a spider dancing on a page, I tend to slam the book several times into several things. The only one worse was 'The Pop-up Book of Sex' .
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    When you want to vibe in designer Crocs, but you’re also fighting space marines on Mars.
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    None of those pics in that folder are real I mean @Kudasai just posts pics of Daniel Cormier for god sakes
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    Neflet gallops to the group and attempts to discern the alpha. (Perception d20 = Nat 20 bitches!) Immediately, she is able to tell the leader apart due to his size and position in the pack. She charges directly at the alpha, careening into his body (melee d20 =11 hit for d4(3)+3 = 6 damage). As the wolf is propelled back, she rears and uses her hooves to deal another blow (bonus action melee d20 = 15 hit for d4(4) + 3 = 7 bludgeoning damage). The wolf lets out a sharp yelp and remains prone. Soon, his breathing slows. He is clearly very wounded and struggling. The other wolves remain poised to attack, but do not move.
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    Trump isn’t waging a secret war against pedophiles, he is a fuckin pedophile, or wtf the word is for people into underage teens.
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    Kamala’s pretty questionable considering her past as a prosecutor, but I imagine it’s the closest left that Biden’s willing to go with a VP, and, at the very least, she’s a more interesting choice than Tim Kaine.
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    It's Cats Gone Wild up in my house. Mother fuckers sleep most of the day, then want to run wild and pounce on you at night. Our bedroom is huge, and has two parts to it. I closed myself with the cats in one part so disco can sleep. I was almost dozed off when these little furry fucks started their shit. So, I will sit here until they tire themselves out and climb in the other chair to go to sleep, so I can sneak back to bed. If it's not in the next half hour though, these assholes are getting Benadryl for a treat.
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    I unno. I'm adding bridges later. Once my body can handle these squats no problem, then I'll add situps w/this 15 lb plate. Then once I'm used to that, then add the bridges which I'll start at 100lbs just to get back into form since I have a funky right hamstring. 100 lb bridges and 50lb deep goblet squats 15lb sit ups. Plus 60 - 90 mins on my peloton. Same workout mon-fri. Once I can do all that every week feeling like it's normal, then I'll make gains on the bridges. Idk if I want to do heavier than 50lb goblet squats tho especially since I like to go really deep and I'm at home. I may just increase reps on those. I'd like to get a power rack once I move to my own place and do heavier back squats but still idk if I'd wanna go very heavy. I only want my calves and quads to be of a certain size.
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    well, buddy, you do kinda have a bit of a down syndrome-ee vibe to ya I mean only they look fifteen when they're thirty.....it's like the fountain of youth, but with side effects, y'know Edit: lmao, I just randomly started typing this out and i'm not sure if it'll be funny to anyone else, but i'm dying over here.....
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    That one guy who likes feet here is probably a genius.
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    I wouldn't be able to handle the loss if something happened and I didn't take the time to search.
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