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    like, do they really expect me to eat this burrito?
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    GOOD NEWS EVERYONE: I dont have the COVID. Getting some rest since Im still not feeling well and monitoring my breathing.
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    Not sure why my camera is so blurry, but new Cowboy Bebop mask!
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    I got's a tattoo! No I didn't go to a shop, another cool student in my house was giving people tattoos. So of course I choose a Bioshock quote. XD I
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    throwback thursday cleveland zoo thats vodka
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    Yay! It's Poof Day! I said I had a dumpy gift and I do. I made a playlist special just for Poof Day. I put it on spotify and youtube. https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7JTHvQtgdfUqQ6NGYfZTfj https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsLzzB5AunXWqCjWQgyYYY9L5egeGCRzR And if you'd like to give me a gift on Poof Day you can donate to my favorite charity, CARE or the peace corps. https://my.care.org/site/Donation2 https://care.org/get-involved/ways-to-give/ https://www.peacecorps.gov/donate/
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    Got accepted. I'm majoring in network security with a concentration in digital forensics! I start July 6th. Time to fuck
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    So I didn't get the assistant manager position, and I promptly quit that job. Fortunately, I had my other job. And now the store owner is making me store manager and giving me free health insurance and Aflack. If the business ends up closing due to the pandemic, he said he'll just have me work at another one of his businesses. Funny how shit like this always happens.
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    Finally back at work! Please ignore my blindingly pale skin as I’ve been in isolation for weeks 😂
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    Update: I can officially leave isolation! I don’t really have anywhere to go, except to maybe get groceries, but the fact that I can is super exciting, guys! ☺️ I still have a small cough, but my doctor said that it’s normal because coughs tend to linger with cold/flu type viruses. But she said that because I’ve been fever free for several days and all of my other symptoms have significantly improved, she was comfortable giving me the ok to stop isolating. I still plan on sporting a mask and taking whatever other precautions I can to make sure that I’m not spreading any germs that I may still have, and I have to go back next month for one more chest X-ray to make sure my pneumonia is completely gone, but I’m so excited that I finally seem to be at the end of all this! ☺️
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    I'm just here to rob your train (blurrily)
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    I dyed my hair again. Tired of student housing but love the rooftop access we have, gives a good moment to stop and smoke and think about things. Also just love how the sun can give some good angles. XD
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    You are the one who refuses to listen to people. That's all you have to do. Listen and respect people who are different than you. But no, you voted for Trump bc he's the most divisive and all you wanted was to hurt everyone different and everyone who stands up for them. You think it'll get better if you just double down on that mentality of yours? You think you can just stomp this out by force? That's why this turned into a riot. You just keep pushing down on the lid of the pressure cooker thinking it won't explode and all you're doing is increasing the pressure. So here's the deal. Nobody cares that you don't believe racism is real. And nobody cares that you're scared of this. Nobody is listening to you. If you want to stop the riots, give people the respect and equality they deserve. Demand it of your republican politicians. Remove that hateful element from your party. Otherwise it is going to get ugly and bad things are going to happen. Nobody wants the bad things to happen, but a riot is a desperate act. It's what people do when they don't know what to do but have to do something. Nobody wants to do it bc yes it does hurt ppl. Generally yes ppl do it in their own community bc that's where they happen to be and it is an unplanned release of emotion. It's not one of your bullshit incel tiki torch parties. It's real people who don't know what to do. Your lawless president doesn't set any good examples either, so deal w/this lawlessness the same way we deal w/your lawless president. If you want stability, fucking act like it bc I know you don't care about those kids. You care about your own ass. If you cared about them, the families wouldn't need the Ronald McDonald house charity in the first place bc they wouldn't be going bankrupt over the medical bills for their sick kid. Good God. Acting like you care about sick kids and opposing universal healthcare or even affordable healthcare. I see right thru u.
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    There was a cute, large, white, and fluffy dog at the store. I exclaimed "Oh my gosh. Aw! It's like a cloud with legs." Then I realized his owner was in a power chair and she had no legs. Zero legs. We briefly looked at one another but said nothing and I ran away in abject horror. Why do I possess vocal cords?
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    Final update (I hope): I don't feel sick anymore, but I'm still going to wait it out for a few days. It's safe to say I had the "mild" version of the virus. I was sick for a total of 11 days. Read that again. 11 days. That's 264 hours of feeling like shit in some way. The body aches stopped around yesterday morning. You do not want this virus. You do not want to pass this virus on to friends and family. You do not want to feel sick for almost two full weeks.
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    I always love when this argument comes up....More whites are killed by cops but it has nothing to do with their large numbers, but they will conveniently remember population ratios when it comes to blaming 13% of the population for all the crime. Also, when asked why there are so many more whites receiving government assistance, suddenly the huge gap matters again. Math, it doesn't lie but people sure do.
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    Nah, fuck "compassion" for fascist pigs that murder innocent people and get away with it. How can we show them "the error of their ways" when they already know exactly what they're doing? They don't care, it's all about power for them. Most people aren't blaming "all white people" for anything and I've seen plenty of people of all races at these protests. People already tried peaceful protests. A guy knelt during the national anthem and everyone lost their damn minds. People peacefully marched to remind everyone that Black Lives Matter, too; everyone lost their minds because they needed the "too" spelled out for them. Peaceful protests have changed nothing. Not saying that violent protests will necessarily change anything in and of themselves either, but people are mad. They're frustrated. But they're not mad at "all white people". They're mad at cops and the system that not only allows but seemingly encourages sociopaths to enter the police force and do whatever the fuck they want without consequences. ACAB
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    I tried to put this in a meme generator and it had a stroke.
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    Trying to reel him in now because he's making you and your enabling look bad isn't going to do much
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    I just got off the weirdest phone call. Five calls, actually, I was in the shower and my wife's like who is this lady named "_______"? So I'm trying to remember who this lady is, no idea. Wife looks her up on facebook, on my friends list, still no idea who. Check mutual friends, like 8 people I know from highschool... Still no idea. "So I says to the wife "Just answer it, see what they want." Some black guy from chicago. Claiming I've been messaging him trying to hook up for some gay sex. It's like, dude. So he's yelling at me, I'm yelling at him. Finally I'm like "You wanna see some nuts bitch?" And grab the camera phone from my wife and prepare to shake my junk at the dude. Well she yells at both of us to stop and she's like "OK, let's figure out what's going on here." Dude seems pretty fucked up too, btw. just keeps repeating himself. Finally we're like "Ok, somebody must have gotten hacked somewhere along the way." And he starts apologizing for going off on me and talking about how he loves pussy. And it's like "Ok cool dude, we're going to hang up down..." "Man I'm sorry. I love pussy." "Who doesn't, right? have a great day." "Sorry I went off on you man." "It's fine, msunderstanding." "I love pussy." "Yep, we've established that. Hanging up now." "I love pussy." "Awesome." .... So that was fucking weird.
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    I haven't horrified the crap out of anyone here in a while. The one nice thing about masks at work is there hasn't been a exact rule as to what you can and can't wear [ as long as it isn't like porno lewds obviously ] ... Well, I feel pretty...oh so pretty...
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    I'm still going to be wearing a mask once I'm no longer sick. I don't want to possible spread this to someone else. Speaking of which, I'm doing much better than I was 5 days ago. I still feel sick, but my body is probably getting used to it. Basically, I don't feel as sick as I did last weekend. But this isn't the flu, no matter what anybody says. At any point I've had the flu, it only lasted a few days. I'm coming up on a week of being ill. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to cope with some of the more extreme examples of COVID that I've seen online.
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