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    You mean Im too old to be bisexual?! ..... ............ Son of a bitch!
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    She is the elf's favorite because she is nice and young.
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    oh, I see where the confusion is here.....we're not going to put you in the wood chipper....that's been done to death, no pun intended we're going to drop it on you
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    My stone cold lock of the century....of the week!!!
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    all they know is mcdonald’s , charge they phone, twerk, be bisexual , eat hot chip & lie
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    you just don't quit huh?
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    Hey, can I judge again? I promise to behave and not be snarky if somebody refers to 40 degrees as "frigid" again.
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    Those are some Eiken/Divergence Eve-level titties in the middle there. The synopsis sounds like it could be either fun or really stupid, maybe I'll check it out.
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    I just use my PS4 controller if I'm emulating games on PC. Although now I have a 6-button Genesis controller that I'll try out if I do Genesis(or figure out how to get Saturn running)
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    Or get pegged. I mean wasnt @jackiemarie90 going to peg you out of your misery? Oh wait, I think I am inserting things here (no pun intended).
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    Mmm because theres two holes...
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    Pegging: The Finale Death by peg
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    Imagine his surprise when he found it was mostly Classical!
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    Honestly wasn't expecting anything because I've only been here a few months so it was nice not to feel completely left out
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    Not if you're trying to introduce Yen as an equal to Geralt. Not having read the books or played the game, I get the sense that Yen, Geralt, and Ciri are three of a kind, at least when it comes to being outsiders, so you would need to introuduce all of them before you can build a world around them.
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    I don't know what the hell you're talking about, so I wanted to give this a confused react, but it made me LOL irl so a laugh react it is.
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    It's 5:03 and the only thing i gotta do is get these kids outta my house to school....Then I can smoke pot and binge netflix. Hell, I might take another nap before I even start all that strenuous shit.
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    Your PC should recognize the controller if you just plug it in and for it to perform well I'd suggest getting DS4Windows(free program). Before I had DS4W the controller mostly worked for SNES but diagonals on the dpad wouldn't register.
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    Horrible shot for the thread but I mostly use this bookcase to display stuff like my laserdiscs. Some cubbies have DVDs, though.
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    Take one dragon, turn it into a sexual euphemism, and then double it.
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    Packers reallllyyyyy trying to choke this one away
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    Coming back to defeated leader every hour to reset encounter finally paid off
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    Daaaaaaaammnn lol Chiefs didn’t get the whammy cuz that unsportsmanlike was kinda weak
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    Take it to "Food & Drinks".
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    what dose it matter we all gon die
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