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    I feel like Tom Hanks is your dad who would help you navigate the world and your problems through long talks over a beer and Bill Murray is your uncle who would tell you to fuck whatever it is bothering you and then let you smoke weed with him in his man cave.
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    Somebody else says "you're not really a harp" To which the first man replies: "are you calling me a lyre?"
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    Seight's Checklist For Doing Important Things Online: Go to website shit what's my password/PIN # again? Fail at remembering Decide to send the email to myself for a new password so I don't get completely locked out Change it and then take five minutes to do the thing I had to do EVERY. FUCKING. TIME.
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    On a completely unrelated note, I'm not allowed to have permanent markers any more. Not my joke but I liked it.
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    My only warning is if he ever rents a Ryder truck for a no reason distance yourself from him
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    Like Spongebob you have to be bold. Tie those shoelaces and sing a song!
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    Does he like sponge bob....if no, dump him. If yes, wife that dude.
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    My resolution was 1280x960 for a long time.
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    I did see a shit ton of people at Planet Fitness as I drove past it to buy a milkshake from a fastfood restaurant
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    Way back in the day, the earths surface was just rocks and water. Then one day, stuff pops out of the water, climbs out onto the rocks, and starts shitting and dying up there. Time goes by, and more stuff shits and dies, until you've got these layers upon layers of shit and dead stuff just building up and compacting under our feet. That's what we're standing on.
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    And of course my room was a mess. I told him to wait a minute to pick up any clothes from the floor, but when he came in there was still a bunch of my makeup all over the desk, nail polish, weed, etc. Earlier we were studying for the next semester and then he bought me lunch. The floor was littered with paper pieces from my notebooks and maybe some weed too. >__> And when I kept going to the bathroom it was obvious I was grabbing a tampon and was a bloated mess. I mean, I guess it's best he see's what type of disaster I am now instead of later. After smoking, I then proceeded to berate him on how he wasn't a real nerd, and showed him my comicbook collection because of course that's what I do. 😐We then watched the orgy episode on Witcher and then we watched the first 3 episodes of the new Watchmen series which I LOVED! Things weren't as intense as the concert but he did put his hand on my leg and kept rubbing it. I finally leaned in on him and laid on his shoulder. Which is the honestly the most I've done to get close.Then he left, although he did leave me another bag of weed. He says his family grows it in Cali. I should probably describe what kind of guy he is, he's from Tennessee. He's got a with a buzz cut and likes to wear camo. He says he likes nerdy culture but is mostly familiar with Star Wars, Dragonball, and Rick and Morty. But he is a Data Science major and we will be taking CS classes together next semester. But idk guys, like I tried to get him to watch anime, and he didn't seem into it. I even mentioned the orgy demon scene in the first episode of Devilman Crybaby but Idk if he will be down to hang out again. He said in a few days. lol Feel free to post any opinions, I really don't know what to make out of anything. XD
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    Have to for this one.
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    I think a part of him is moving slow because I’ve been telling him how much anxiety I have all the time. XD
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    Yeah.....not seeing this movie. Drunk, high, or otherwise. Period.
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    Because you KNOW that shit was funny. Especially given how much of a bitch he is.
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    MHA has low totals but ok demos. Granted, they were up against football, so this is kind of expected.
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    You have to be careful when people "say" they like nerdy shit....Things are fine now since we know she's not "into" things like I thought..., but I let my guard down around this chick once who said she was into anime and video games......To her that meant she like DBZ and Mortal Kombat. I tried to introduce her to new anime....wasn't having it. Tried to get her into some of my game series....Nothing happening. So we finally found mutual ground with Rick and Morty and board games.....ANd we had this really awkward period where we weren't having sex and just hanging out, but since she know all my nerdy secrets (which I never reveal to women I plan to date) I just felt like it was hopeless.....Never made any moves. Then one night we watched Big Mouth....I dozed off and next thing I knew, she was working my shaft and staring at me. I hoped up, locked the door and she say the most goofy, weird thing ever...."My hormone monster made me wake you up"......And I was like "jesus that's lame, but let's get it" He's into you, but you're gonna have to get him revved up. The camo thing is iffy....Could be a nut job or he could just be a No Limit soldier.
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    You should see how I'm overthinking these dam messages right now. XD idk even know what to talk about, talking about news, dam fucking joe rogan podcast. 🤣 Idk halp
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    I read the title, then I read the first sentence and I was like "Holy fuck! This is totally his wife posting to mislead the investigators looking into his murder." Then I read the last sentence and thought "This is worse than a freaking Dad joke Cracky"
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    Chapter 11 Page 202 https://www.deviantart.com/gairon/art/BHTSY-11-202-826109292
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    WHY YES! For one thing, I wanna make sure he likes me, 2nd, since he is all about the libertarian ideals of no one telling them what to do, I wanna make sure he is comfortable with the idea that he actually wants to be me.
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    It wasn't mine either. XD I told him I wanted to watch Paprika but we couldn't find a dub on his no buggy website. He insisted he wanted horror as a genre and it make anime of the year last year. I just wanted to warn him the content that was in the anime. 🤣 But then we settled on Watchmen.
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    Thank goodness, he isn't one of those ultra conservative guys. Like he doesn't like the republican party, trump, paul ryan or anything of those others guys. Just a libertarian who likes Rand Paul. Not many dates, just like maybe 5 where we hang out as friends, text funny memes together almost daily since school has ended.
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    I mean he's a big time Libertarian. There are actually a lot of people here who are, mostly dudes. lmao We get into debates all the time about economics, I kinda support a mixed economy with socialist leanings. It doesn't bother me too much, cause it's mostly economics, but when he gets worked up about it I kinda just wanna roll my eyes. But then we move on to a different subject. I think the biggest deal breaker is if he just wanted to be friends with benefits or didn't want be attached to a person. XD
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    "He's got a with a buzz cut and likes to wear camo." Maybe he wanted to go home & play with his gun(s).
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    12 books.....one book a month more if my appeal to count close captioned tv episodes as books pans out
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    Goal 50 1. "On Spice" by Caitlin Penzey-Moog 49 to go
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    100 is my goal for the year as well. Yes manga counts and there's probably going to be a lot of it for me <_< Assassination Classroom 1 - Yusei Matsui Animal Farm - George Orwell My Hero Academia: School Briefs, Vol. 1 - Anri Yoshi Assassination Classroom 2 - Yusei Matsui Assassination Classroom 3 - Yusei Matsui Assassination Classroom 4 - Yusei Matsui Assassination Classroom 5 - Yusei Matsui Assassination Classroom 6 - Yusei Matsui Assassination Classroom 7 - Yusei Matsui My Hero Academia 21 - Kohei Horikoshi My Hero Academia 22 - Kohei Horikoshi My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 1 - Hideyuki Furuhashi My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 2 - Hideyuki Furuhashi Stupid Perfect World - Scott Westerfeld Again, but Better - Christine Riccio (I kind of regret choosing to read this one tbh. I breezed through it but only so I could just be done with it and spend more time reading something that's actually good) Assassination Classroom 8 - Yusei Matsui Assassination Classroom 9 - Yusei Matsui My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 3 - Hideyuki Furuhashi Assassination Classroom 10 - Yusei Matsui My Hero Academia: Vigilantes 4 - Hideyuki Furuhashi My Hero Academia 23 - Kohei Horikoshi Just Breathe - Cammie McGovern One of Us is Lying - Karen McManus 1984 - George Orwell The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky Assassination Classroom 11 - Yusei Matsui 74 to go
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    I'm still just figuring it out. Lol I'm having to memorize all these passages and they all look so damn similar lol I swear thats the hardest part of this game. Just knowing where you're going
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    I started watching Fire Force then shelved it for a while - just was not doing anything for me. Glad I gave it a second chance because I am really intrigued at how this storyline will develop. The last couple episodes WOAH.
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    I was reading a story about what the next decade of the NBA might be like and they said the Nets have only posted up, like, a total of 15 times this season.
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    hes so good at drawing fouls its unreal...and all the same--some of the calls are unreal in my opinion. i mean damn. but that being said, players have to stop fouling people at the 3 point line. come on man..i was thinking to myself how in the iverson, kobe, etc. era, there just weren't fouls like this, though the game also wasnt played the same, but still; you'd think players would be better about it this time around given the time they're playing in. im happy that westbrook can pass to people who can shoot now--really nice to see--but yea, he needs to work on those shots. as for tonight...lamarcus aldridge has such a consistent jumper. i love his mid-range game.
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    It's only political to the untrained eye.....This is the recherché penile swords dance of the wild Nabucksters.....A mating season that happens about every 4 years.
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