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    From the archives because I rarely do pictures:
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    his mom threw his special pillow case in the laundry, some colors ran....he sorta snapped on the plus side he got into the same rehab facility as Kevin spacey....you know the one with the horse therapy....real nice place
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    first....are you getting naked too, prefight, when you catch them....or is he the only one throwing the naked hands? second....why?
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    I feel drunk. But not the 'slur your words and be a complete idiot' kind of drunk, but rather, the level of drunk that can still have a conversation but will probably end up saying too fucking much. I really should stop fucking typing, but what the fuck ever, you know? Just fucking click click click click click, here's my generic NPC backstory. Blah blah blah blah. Soon I'll be the other kind of drunk and I'll probably (thankfully) forget these boards exist so there won't be a record of my ramblings when I come to my sober senses. For now though, you get this inane, pointless rambling. Which is no different than your own fucking rambling except for the fact that I currently am aware as to how inane this bullshit is, but I keep tying anyway because something compels me to just keep. fucking. typing. Uh oh, I missed some caps there. It's all snowballing downhill from here. I can see that the end is going to be fucking messy and full of typos and Mavis beacon will probably nver forgive me. but fuck that bitch because she's not even my real mom.
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    I guess you couldn't of known... The love of Phil's life died in an industrial photoshop accident.... He's still mourning....it's been thirty seven years..............today is the anniversary of when it happened....when his life changed forever
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    You should grow out your hair, dye it a lighter color, shave your face and put on a suit. You'd probably look pretty sexy like leo here, Hoggle. No homo.
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    what!? when I got that email I twitted about it...I called my family.....I even had my grave stone engraver update my gravestone
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    my heart goes out to you it should be there in two to three business days....use it to plug the leak
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    All this cyber fiction. I got caught in these girl's house in college in my boxers on their couch. She was my homegirl. She was fucking some other dude....I was just there watching TV with her roomie she set me up with and I was trying to hit but she was in the bathroom. Her bf walked in (my bad because I didn't lock the door after smoking, but I was going to go again so why would I) and he was like "Put some pants on so I can whoop your ass". No one wants to actually fight a naked dude.....not even one in boxers.... I simply explained my presence and he realized I wasn't the droid he was looking for and we all got burnt.
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    They're trying to sell you on the show using the one level above a loli "character" who exists solely be to groped by male characters. If you enjoy every fight scene she's even remotely close to be stopped to a halt to watch a child get sexually assaulted then she's the character for you!
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    Hey, look, if he's mostly what you want, then use your woman mind control to shape the rest... yeah, I know about the mind control you women use on us....I learned at the 21 conference with @Gina Szanboti
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    My favorites... Mob Psycho 100 One Punch Man Yuri!!! On Ice Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou Chio-chan no Tsuugakuro Asobi Asobase Gintama' Gintama° Gintama. Mushishi Zoku Shou Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World - The Animated Series Natsume Yuujinchou San Natsume Yuujinchou Shi Level E 3-gatsu no Lion Usagi Drop Kimi ni Todoke 2nd Season Golden Kamuy Hunter x Hunter (2011) Arakawa Under the Bridge Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru ReLIFE Mitsudomoe Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Sakamoto Desu ga? Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun Itoshi no Muco Piano no Mori Nichijou Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen Choboraunyopomi Gekijou Dai San Maku Ai Mai Mii: Surgical Friends Tsurezure Children Berserk Mahoutsukai no Yome Sakamichi no Apollon Kuragehime Fukumenkei Noise UN-GO Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb 20+20 = 40
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    I’m just a relationship kinda girl personally. I hate be treated as a sexual object with out any affection. I thrive on affection and feel used with out personally.
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    No, its a reverse harem in anime world Not anymore, catch up Best answer XD You win
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    Do you specialize in killing people with polite comments? Because you almost just did
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    I did the long hair years ago, and as much as I loved having a mane like a lion I didn't like having to deal with it constantly.
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    The group of women rule the kingdom and you wait in a lavishly appointed room till they return to fuck you..... yes, pegging
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    it's funny because y2k was actually a problem, but not in the way that they blew it out to be. think about this: imagine you have a system of record that keeps dates in a 2 digit format (eg: 1-1-97, 1-2-97, whatever). now imagine that the date flips over to 1-1-00. well if you have records in your system, how are you going to know if something happened on 1-1-1900 or 1-1-2000? you won't, you'd need to support a 4 digit date and that was the problem. a LOT of legacy code only support 2 digit dates. people worked around the clock to update legacy code so that there wouldn't be any problems.
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    you want to know something funny? i got a letter from my old company's payroll department. i thought it was my w2 but apparently it was a paycheck for a "prize payout" for $0. there was a system they had for points or whatever that when a manager gave to an employee would trigger this, but would never actually show up on a paycheck as any sort of money being given to an employee. the "check" was dated for 12/24. that means that someone gave me points for something months after i left
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    oh yeah i forgot to update this. so i walked into a room not realizing she was in there and asked aloud "what's going on in here" someone says "they're playing poker" i turned and it was her and someone she was with. i pulled a me and said "BOY IT'S WARM IN HERE" and walked out of the room. i did go back in there to make sure i wasn't imagining things and nope it was her. i left again shortly after realizing this and didn't go back in that room the rest of the night. we didn't talk to each other or intentionally go anywhere near each other for the rest of the time i was there so thankfully it was mostly uneventful. it's been about 2 years since we've spoken to each other, we had only dated for a little over a month, and i don't have anything to say to her.
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    If you dont want to be friends with benefits, dont. Dont cheat yourself. Monogamy? Sister wives? Brother Husbands? A harem? Reverse Harem? Do what you want
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    Idk I like him tho, just wish it was more romantic and not sexual focused. He was respectful for the rest of the night.
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    I'm excited to actually get my federal taxes this year. Hey student loans, 🖕🖕
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    Why are we talking about this? I remember this thread being about something to do with Jackie's ass. Why aren't we atlking about jackie's ass!?
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    We're all about to get drunk and start sending dick pics to each other. Get yourself prepped, put a hat on it or something.
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    this is what @Athena 92 spared
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    Sexual harassment in the workplace.
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    I'm spending a little more on the food and reception venue but I figure that's the fun part that people will actually enjoy and remember so why not. I can justify putting money towards stuff people will actually notice. I can't justify spending more than $10 on a guestbook that half the people there probably won't even notice.
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    Yeah, those really should have been longer. Not saying we needed a huge arc of them fighting Hibana's company, but they roflstomp through them and then Hibana has an epiphany after ONE PUNCH hahaha. We were barely introduced to Rekka's company when he goes crazy and turns on Tamaki and starts trying to kill kids. Then the whole thing of his relationship with Tamaki was shown after the fact. Not great. But yes, since then it has been a lot better and better balance, like you said. The only kind of silly thing recently, was making up the Nether concept in the same episode as showing a flashback why Shinra knows about it, and then saying that's where the White Clad base is. It is said that White Clad base is found off-screen by Licht with "clues and evidence," which was kind of ehh, but we know he has been doing mysterious things behind the scenes with Joker, and we don't know what their true motives and allegiances are, so it's likely they knew where the base was a while ago and Licht just said that. Last episode was pretty great, in any case.
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    I watched the first two episodes dubbed. I really like the intro and the show seems interesting so far. Especially when the quartet lied about their intentions. I look forward to continue watching it.
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