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    Is this my life now, talking about my social life encounters here? Yeah probably. I went to see Deadmau5 live on new years in SF. It's like of the biggest concerts I've been too, an it was so fun the music was cool, and I went with my friend who I have been hanging out with the last time I went to an EDM concert. And the same guy who I've been studying with and gave me weed. Well we took sharooms, with molly mixed in water and were smoking weed and drinking before the concert. And everybody was already high going in, and I've been talking to my friend for awhile but the moment we hit the dance floor, things were heating up real fast. >__> Like I was dancing grinding but then he was getting really gropey. <__< At first I didn't mind cause I thought he may have been interested in a relationship, but honestly, I think he just wanted to be friends with benefits. And Idk how I feel about that, I haven't made that step before and tend to crave emotional intimacy. He didn't even seem interested in kissing me, I leaned in, but he was more focused on touching my body. I liked dancing with him, and I like talking to him when he isn't completely intoxicated, but since I'll be taking classes with him next semester I just don't think it would be best screw around as friends. Actually I don't think I can handle that cause I would want to move on to someone who will actually care. I want someone to ask me how I'm doing, someone to take care of me and want more than just my body. Look man, I don't how to be single out here in these streets, I'm an awkward as shit nerd.
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    Gay marriage for some, concentration camps for others
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    Never mind my whole life is a lie I don't usually look at my phone too closely during the countdown but apparently we're the ones who look like fools by starting celebrating 6 seconds late if we sync up with the TV
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    yes but what is he pulling out of his sack
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    If you go to a drive-up fast food chain and ask for orange juice and vodka, will you get a Sonic Screwdriver? (I'll go quietly)
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    it's funny because y2k was actually a problem, but not in the way that they blew it out to be. think about this: imagine you have a system of record that keeps dates in a 2 digit format (eg: 1-1-97, 1-2-97, whatever). now imagine that the date flips over to 1-1-00. well if you have records in your system, how are you going to know if something happened on 1-1-1900 or 1-1-2000? you won't, you'd need to support a 4 digit date and that was the problem. a LOT of legacy code only support 2 digit dates. people worked around the clock to update legacy code so that there wouldn't be any problems.
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    Naraku in this thread: My girlfriend and I aren't spending new years together and are both spending it with our exes Me reading this:
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    Weird how I can skip the OP almost every damn time I watch a show on my own and feel literally nothing has changed except that extra 90 seconds I gain.
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    No I let him touch me. He wasn't overstepping boundaries, I just don't know how I feel about all this new interaction, and I wish our interactions were more sweet instead of outright sexual.
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    Sweet & Spicy double cheeseburger from Whataburger.
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    Thank you based Poland, Belarus, Mauritania, and Antarctica for having great taste. Also, hats off to Nauru and Norfolk Island for having that one dude that happened to watch a niche anime and have it count towards the nation's most popular show. Wonder how Japan's CR service is like, given that they are staunchly anti-piracy and RWBY on there is likely because it's a web series that wouldn't require any hand-wringing from Kadokawa, Toei, or any other high profile production company.
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    It gets worse. Ever watch the news where the studio anchor "throws it to" a reporter doing a remote report? Notice there's a delay before the remote reporter starts? (Of course this is only if the remote report wasn't pre-produced) There's the 5 second delay, then there's the transmission delay before the director at the studio sends the signal to the remote camera person to signal the reporter to start (unless the remote reporter has an earpiece - removing a step).
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    It was fine for a while and then the simulation glitched the fuck out and then it sucked.
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    I’m in the UEMB discord, but also in a Facebook chat group with Ramlo and a few others.
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    Attack on Titan The Promised Neverland Demon Slayer Jojo's Bizarre Adventure My Hero Academia Dr. Stone Fire Force That's all I watched. I included blank space because putting Dr. Stone and Fire Force that close makes it look like I enjoyed them almost equally, but I did not.
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    The last episode Toonami aired was 384, and FUNi's last boxset of Fishman Island left off at 574, so you still could have watched nearly 200 episodes' worth of dubbed content between then and now. As for why they took this hiatus, long-running series like OP get contracts negotiated in big chunks of episodes, and Fishman Island was as far as FUNi's previous contract with Toei extended. We don't know if there was some sort of delay in negotiating a new deal (which can frequently happen when dealing with Japanese production companies), but even if there wasn't, FUNi simply may not have been able to handle working on such a massive property at that time. Simuldubbing multiple series every season takes a lot out of your cast and production staff, and most of the main people working on OP are the most veteran FUNi regulars, so they're in high demand across a lot of series. FUNi was dubbing Super for Toonami at that time, as well as finishing up Fairy Tail, so add that to all of the new seasonal shows and they may have needed the break. FUNi still gave two OP movies actual theatrical runs during that time, as well as releasing a number of specials/OVAs, so it's not like they abandoned the property in the least. Now that Super and Fairy Tail are done and FUNi has more room to work with, they're able tackle OP at an expedited pace, with "multiple teams" working on it. OP often has significant characters not appear for extended lengths of time, so what I'm assuming they'll do is have those actors working on future arcs down the line to get a jump-start on them. Poor Colleen's stuck yelling forever though. And of course FUNi posts clips from current Japanese episodes on social media. Even if they watch the dub, pretty much everyone who's a OP fan is either current with the Japanese broadcast or is trying to get current. It's too damn big of a series to afford to fall behind for a few years. It's also so huge that spoilers are just about inevitable. Just accept it and roll with it.
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    Happy Birthday and hush, young'un!
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    That one island in Oceania that watched Blade Dance of the Elementalers the most still cracks me up.
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    Oh trust me I know. I almost went with a slightly more expensive $10 guestbook until I saw the pen was separate and another $10 (despite it being included in the picture). So the $7 guestbook with pen included it was. My DJ and photographer are a husband and wife team so I got a package deal with them. I'm paying about 3k for 6 hours of DJ and all day photography plus coffee table book and full online access to my pictures
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    Today I'm thankful for @mochi for Krillin's ass.
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    I have a lot of favorites but this came to mind as one of my favorite contemporaries Heritage By Kaveh Akbar Reyhaneh Jabbari, a 26-year-old Iranian woman, was hanged on October 25th, 2014, for killing a man who was attempting to rape her. the body is a mosque borrowed from Heaven centuries of time stain the glazed brick our skin rubs away like a chip in the middle of an hourglass sometimes I am so ashamed of my sentience how little it matters angels don't care about humility you shaved your head spent eleven days half-starved in solitary and not a single divine trumpet wept into song now it's lonely all over I'm becoming more a vessel of memories than a person it's a myth that love lives in the heart it lives in the throat we push it out when we speak when we gasp we take a little for ourselves in books love can be war-ending a soldier drops his sword to lie forking oysters into his enemy's mouth in life we hold love up to the light to marvel at its impotence you said in a letter to Sholeh you weren't even killing the roaches in your cell that you would take them up by their antennae and flick them through the bars into a courtyard where you could see men hammering long planks of cypress into gallows the same men who years before threw their rings in the mud who watered them five times daily who shot blackbirds off almond branches and kissed the soil at the sight of sprouts then cursed each other when the stalks which should have licked their lips withered dryly at their knees may God beat us awake scourge our brains to life may we measure every victory by the momentary absence of pain there is no solace in history this is a gift we are given at birth a pocket we fold into at death goodbye now you mountain you armada of flowers you entire miserable decade in a lump in my throat despite all our endlessly rehearsed rituals of mercy it was you we sent on
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    As far as I'm concerned, the dolphins won the Superbowl yesterday.
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    The team I thought was going to be this year's GOAT was knocked out of the running for the best record by the team I picked to finish last.
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    It is fine for Okubo to tell a completely different kind of story with Fire Force than he did with Soul Eater, with a different tone and art style, atmosphere etc. I don't think creatives should be put in a box to just make one kind of story. That said, the writing should at least be good. But for whatever it's worth, after a good introduction, but some stumbles with the rushed clumsiness of the Hibana and Rekka arcs, ever since the arc where Benimaru and his company were introduced the writing has been pretty solid. Hopefully it can continue that trend of quality. Black Clover is way better than a lot of people will give it credit for and has only gotten better over its run. It's also arguably better executed that a lot of the shows that inspire it.
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    Im baby yoda i take pics in my bathroom
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    Didn't know where else to post this but this is one of my cousins and she is fucking livid over this Peppa Pig book.
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