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    Today, I now have two jobs. Damn 😩
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    I thought I had a 10 page paper due tonight at midnight, I haven't started it yet. >__> I literally thought I was gonna crank it out in 3 in half hours, and probably cry. <___< But it's due tomorrow! 😂 So I can start it then. 😐
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    ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓
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    I let people grossly below my rank win in games because 1 loss or 2 isn't going to make a difference...... Unless they have mics and are dicks "Wow, how did you rank so high, you're trash" Ok, dick cheese....Prepare for this glow.
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    This thread's about to become a tiddy gif thread.
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    Well, no, I said it's on the writers for what they've scripted, not the readers' interpretations. I'm usually not very big on the "death of the author" viewpoint that once a work is out in the world, what the author intended or was trying to say is irrelevant, and all that matters is the consumer's interpretation. That said, I do think novels and to a lesser degree, manga/comics, are collaborations of the author and the reader, where anime and movies are essentially the creators spoon-feeding a relatively passive audience that either likes what's presented or doesn't (along the same spectrum of whether you like various foods or not). With novels the writer offers their words, but those words take shape in the mind of the reader who provides the final visuals, sounds, scents, tastes, etc. completing the experience. The author guides this, but can't control the final "product." Likewise manga, except there are more visual cues from the author. With movies and anime though, almost all of that is provided. Like, Black Widow looks and sounds like Scarlett Johansson if you're watching a movie. Her acting influences how you view the character's actions. You can be literally rattled in your seat when things blow up real good. You don't get to decide those things like you do when reading, when it's just you and the author. Sorry for the tangent.
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    i shit in a bucket instead of on my bedroom floor so my mom doesnt have to mop it up
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    Isn't Tokyo Godfathers Christmas also? Been a while since I've seen that.
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    It was his sled from when he was a kid.
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    Looks like some good came out of all this. To get hired full time at my work place there's two tier interviews, you do one then hope they move you to the 2nd one. A couple weeks back our boss said that they will be hiring 3 people with this session, and then later told me and 2 other of my guys that we're the ones he was gonna give his recommendations. I had the 2nd interview this morning, and from what I gathered the only three they moved on to the 2nd interview was the 3 they planned on, so come next Tuesday I'll officially be hired full time
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    He's suing because he wants attention and he wants to be compensated for lynching a black kid. He's a disgusting piece of garbage and I hope someone decapitates him AND his attorney and displays the heads on the front steps of the court that let him go.
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    Not if he wants his precious Miku back in one piece
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    SSI goes out around the first. First week of the month is grocery shopping time for all of them.
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    I wonder if having a new TIE episode in the first slot helped the numbers. It was certainly the most dramatic one yet. 😨
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    ......So....basically Nabs is fucked?
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    I'm more upset by the plane tickets for rabbits honestly Did they fly first class?! WHAT SNACKS WERE THEY SERVED?! Also I'm sure he spent some of that money on bitches. They always spend money on bitches
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    I remember the Ke$ha music video this person made ages ago, but I finally sat down to watch this. Or rather, I watched it and skimmed through the songs. The art is very fluid and impressive, and there are some fun ideas present like the vocal effects of the Radio Demon's voice. But the content is definitely geared towards teenage theater kids from the Tumblr crowd. Things like the rampant cursing from nobody characters like the newscasters, the sassy gay promiscuous character who speaks in innuendo jokes, and the Wicked-inspired song numbers are exactly the type of junk I ate up when I was in that drama nerd crowd in high school, but it all feels so antiquated. Like a production from 2007 or 2012 that's been untouched in development hell until the funds came in from some producer to make what they have to work with.
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    Apologies for misreading your comment. I ended up interpreting the "fictional character" comment as a means of saying that it's hard to get angry at a character's lack of agency when their decisions come from the interpretation of both the author and the vast audience that takes in a character's actions far differently from one another. From there, I made my own tangent after remembering every time I've heard that the author often loses agency after they make a story because the audience has their own perspective on a character or events in the narrative. It can be kinda poignant where you can have a character that one person hates with the passion of a thousand suns and another person loves because their motivations or triumph in the narrative "saved them" when they were reading or watching a narrative during a difficult time in their life. At the same time, the "Death of the Author" rule can be heavy-handed in trying to take agency away from the writer and acting as if what they wrote is meaningless compared to how their audience reads it. It does rely too much on fluffing up our role as the spectator and the emotions we feel from a story from a passive perspective rather than doing anything constructive to contribute to the framework of the narrative's intended view. At the end of the day, the author lays out the ground rules on how the story is structured, how the characters behave, and how it all ends, open-ended or not. I guess that would be the main crux of my issue where it's hard not to be resentful at a manga's writer for taking a character that ended up having a personality change to serve the plot rather than show the natural progression of the character. It's that level of powerlessness the audience has in being able to change the events of the story, so the two options the viewer has is to either lash out at the writer(s) for the decision they made or reinterpret the events from the audience's POV to salvage or explain a character's motives for the sudden change. There is a little duality in my views in the two paragraphs above, but that's what makes it exciting to discuss. That, depending on circumstances, a writer's narrative is powerful enough to evoke a response necessary to debate whether to accept or reject an author's decisions if they go against your understanding of the narrative. You always have a small fragment of a story where you can relive the halcyon days, but at the same time, would that be doing too much to cast aside any of the positive merits of a story or is it a statement that you won't accept a new interpretation of that character that contradicts the narrative you have invested so much time with? As much as I'd like to reject the notion that anything has changed with a character I wished didn't make certain decisions, it's up to me to see what the author's intention is with making those decisions rather than trying to come up with emotion-driven reasons why to distrust their logic. With the one actress character I was discussing, I was angry with the author's decision to vilify her, but that's only one perspective since there can be an easier trajectory to see where she was slowly becoming more reckless as soon as her sisters enabled her to pull any move she can to get ahead, tapping into her desperate dedication and emotional strife in creating the right situation for her to make a heel-turn. The writer also takes measures to give her some justification through the mental state she's in, as well as gives us an alternative reading of a big sister character who goes against the tropes attached to her archetype by having things together far less once love comes into the equation. It's alright, I feel like this topic is a welcome space for any discussion of this sort. Fiction is one of those subjects where it's open enough for interpretation to be able to stimulate conversations that bring out interesting questions regarding how people react to situations outside of their own lives or what experiences they bring into a story they read or watch. Similarly, an author's thoughts, ideologies, and experiences go into enough of a story to paint you a picture of what emotions they want to evoke from a story, whether it be appealing to basic impulses or challenging our notions of understanding the reality we live and breathe.
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    I take those fuckers every day XD I've got one in my pocket RIGHT NOW
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    Don’t forget your cod liver oil, ya old fucks 💩😆
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    And you sing the Blue’s Clues opening in your head and that shit hot and you end up in the kitchen like:
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    Still would be paranoid all night and wouldn't sleep till it's time to start the paper.
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    It's true! It's not even a research paper, it's a reflection paper for my prep class. But I am gonna try and work on the outline right now and get maybe 3 pages done today?
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    Sometimese after the grocery store if I take my cart to the parking lot return space and there are lot of carts there messy and disorganized not stacked right or the little ones and the big ones mixed up I will sort them out nicely nad neat, and sometimes I even take my cart all the ay back up to the main stack right outside the entrance of the store and put in back where I got it from
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    Yo, it is 2019. Time is a ticking...get in before you lose your portfolio. You know what time it is and you know you want it, this year we're going to have a $35 limit. This is secret santa and completely random, I have no control over who get paired but I can do a second drawing for those who are pissy pants. Post yer name and I could put ya in a random name generating machine and see if you pair up with someone early enough to exchange information and get each other gifts. Plan is to get a list going by 12/5/19 pr earlier so that we can have you a partner and redraw for those who havent echanged infomation by 12/9/19. Serious players only. NO creepy shit. Don't go to anyone houses and please do not give out anyone's information. For what it is worth, use a post office and a wishlist to keep anonymity. Also you can use board names although I have ran into issues with some post offices wanting to have real names so that it can coincide with an ID. However you want to do it with your partner, do it...just remember to use protection. One gift idea is to post your amazon gift list, or just ignore it and go with your gut instinct. Neko's Master plan...i mean Amazon wishlist 'tis the season! Happy Thanksgivingmas! Paypal is useful. So are lists. Please exchange information wisely. As always safety first so no weird stalkerish shit. Please be nice. It's about as safe as having a penpal so if you are comfortable with that, you should be good. Please no dirty underwear in mail! Gag gifts are ok as long as you both are on the same page about it. Nothing unsafe, biohazard, harmful or of memetic descriptions. Act your age, not your shoe size mama, and maybe we can do the twirl!!! Sign up below and the list will be updated accordingly LIST, CHECK TWICE TO SEE IF YOU ARE NICE! 1. GuyBeardmane 2. Quackers 3. Naraku4656 4. Athena 92 5. Still Me 6. Empress angel 7. Satou Kazuma 8. Neko 9. lupin_bebop 10. discolemonade 11. Cidz 12. Star panda 13. empty 14. Admin_Raptorpat
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    https://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/crime/article238030539.html Every fucking Nazi piece of shit who let this murderer go is to blame for this and they all need to be dissolved into acid.
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    Oh, I know. I'm the same way.You just have to pick your battles.
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    I was getting that like everywhere today actually. All I did was go to the gas statioin and then the Wendys and I swear everyone was looking at me weird even when slowly driving through the parking lots I mean I know I look pretty rough rite now maybe I should have dolled up before leaving but cmon it cant be that bad can it? Idk maybe it can or maybe I'm just being paranoid I mean like sually I dont care but when its like everyone then when you get home and check yourself in the mirror like wtf
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    I always have my car windows up while listening to music in the car for the same reasons stated above. If I do a shitty job of parking my car, I back out of my space and do it again, correctly. When I'm shopping at a record store, if I was carrying a CD because I was planning on buying it, but then changed my mind, I put it back in its correct place. If I'm pissing at a public toilet, I lift the seat up, because people who piss all over the seat and don't clean it up should be drug out into the street and shot.
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    Slow down from speedster c/o kids playing near my house.
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    More good feels. https://www.wonkette.com/plucky-utah-fifth-graders-take-on-homophobic-substitute-teacher-and-win
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    I'll have to read that to get a better idea. It's worth noting that based solely on the knowledge that she's an aspiring actress and the wiki, the character in question tends to show traits that might indicate a chameleon. Additionally: There are all kinds of problems with writing a character like that, so I don't doubt that the writer did spring the bad behavior without any warning.
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    I happen to be THE High Priestess of the Sacred Pool of Cats. If I bless you, you stay blessed. And probably smell like cat piss.
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    No sorry, all your posts are going to stay up and we're all going to laugh at them forever
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    Well time to make it official official... Name change to DrMrsGirlfriend please.
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