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    Japanese Harry Potter goes to ninja school. His village doesn't like him because he is one of the 9 Gods of Furries. Big Boss Ninja tells everyone not to tell the idiot orphan that he's a fuckin' god, but one dude totally snitches and Naruto and his mentor whoop his monkey ass. After this Naruto assigned to a team lead by a senior emo who spends his time reading the latest erotic fanfictions. His teammates are a brooding edgelord and a walking vagina. Ninja Ash Ketchum wants to be the very best, like no one ever was, aka the king of yard work ninjas. The squad goes on fun side quests, wasting our time, and eventually wasting the Aquafina village's most famous Cloud Strife cosplayer and his companion, a young drag queen. After leveling up, the party gets invited to take part in the prestigious ninja SATs. This is followed by a game of hide seek in the woods that culminates in a 1v1. No items. Fox only. Final Destination. EVO continues until a Snake main interrupts and summons some badass zombie ninjas to gank the Big Boss Ninja. But Big Boss is like "fuck you dude" and casts a spell on the Snake main, forcing him to No Contest the match. Later on, this hentai-crazed frogman decides Naruto needs to see his first pair of titties. Like not just any titties. Some big titty goth gf titties. Frogman likes them titties so much, he wants goth gf to be the next ninja president. Meanwhile, Naruto's edgelord teammate wants to kill his brother, mostly cause said brother killed their family and he totally wanted to do that. Snake main returns to teach edgelord how to use contact lenses. Naruto warns of the dangers of maining Snake and using contacts, but he is ignored. Livid, Naruto runs off to learn the ways of hentai with frogman. Walking vagina finally gets her shit together and opts to learn how to be a big titty goth gf from the ninja president. There is a sudden appearance of a Philly Cheesesteak. It was not well done, nor welcome in this place. A group of rogue, soundcloud rappers kidnap one of the 9 Gods of Furries in an attempt to get some free yiffs. I didn't watch or read past this point but, if I understand correctly, they eventually fight God. Naruto later marries this chick whose family is so poor, they can't afford color for their eyes. The couple would later give birth to two mistakes, and one of them got a sick cable TV deal for his own show.
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    I hope this dumb community is happy. The American Bar Association has weighed in and thinks the Pro Vic crowd are all idiots.
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    Why do you post this stuff? I would keep some of your personal life to yourself. That guy looks old and desperate.
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    Lol! Well, the only reason I got to go to *NSYNC was because my mom won tickets, otherwise I never would have been able to go. And she made my uncle take me. He stood there with his arms crossed the whole time...I don’t think he was as impressed as I was 😂
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    I wear pajamas. The first thing I do when I get home is put on pajamas. I will put on pajamas, make dinner, shower and put on more pajamas
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    There are thousands of scripts like that, original ideas, adaptations, ideas that get pitched to editors and shot down on a daily basis only to find new life somewhere else. I mean, at one point someone in Hollywood optioned a live action Ranma 1/2. Just...think about that. Think of how many scripts pass by an executive’s door.
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    idk....maybe they saw the raccoon and were triggered by the memories of a 1950's burglar who killed their great grandfather.....as far as police shootings go, this is a trend that stings less.....I guess what i'm trying to say is i'm on team people
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    Unless you know for sure she likes this music, this is not a good idea for a first date. You want the first date to be an opportunity to find your common interests and see if you mesh well. You are guaranteeing this girl will never go out with you again if she doesn't like the music and spends all night being ignored.
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    I have suspended the treaty w/insect kind in regard to Halyomorpha Halys aka the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug. They will all die.
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    Backstreet Boys, Into The Millennium Tour, October 26 1999
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    I ain't no fancy city lawyer or nuthin but I dun told these Viccers the same thing.
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    They were just getting famous when I went to that concert. My mom wouldnt let me go to the boyband concerts .... somehow a lone white dude is safer than 5 white dudes together? I dunno
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    Atleast over coffee you're not awkwardly shouting into each other's ear and hoping they understand you. I feel like a metal concert is like a 2nd or 3rd date. I dunno ... its his call, but I would just try something else first. Do an activity where you can make actual conversation first
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    Reel Big Fish and a bunch of other ska bands like Buckcherry and shit. Creed was also there before they got big, I don't wanna tell the whole thing but they had things thrown at them and were booed off stage, then came back and performed to silence. Reel Big Fish closed, it was awesome.
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    We've known about S4's existence for a while as well as the fact that Funi's dubbing it. Considering it's hugely successful, BONES might be coordinating things so that Funi gets to dub the entire season with no delay. Maybe that's even why it's premiering in October this time instead of April. As for Fire Force... meh, just resolve this in a timely manner and we'll be fine. Perhaps this break is the very reason why we're having a marathon. In a normal year, their existence usually gives DeMarco and his crew some leeway for simuldubs, but since they've been taking holidays off, they're now forced to do it.
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    Loud, white boy wants you to believe he can be the ninja leader. He becomes the ninja leader. Fin.
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    I wouldn't even agree to an unenthusiastic handjob for an Eva. You really are a sucker.
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    Because everyone and their mother knows this show isn’t getting another season.
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    This here is more or less the plot for the Naruto series. EFBbwmAWsAM6vAP.mp4
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    Is there even a Spanish word for "musketeer"? Maybe tres amigos was the best approximation they could come up with.
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    Dude wants to become the greatest ninja Everyone laughs at him He makes friends Ninja tournament Oh no, his friend goes off to train with evil ninja Come back friend! Friend: Naw bitch, fuck all of y'all Time skip: Now they're hot teen ninjas FILLER TIME! What an awesome fight-FILLER TIME! Oh he dead. He dead too. Main Evil ninja is like 7 different people/personalities?(I haven't finished Shippuden) You get a wife, and you get a wife... I do enjoy the Naruto series, but it could have been handled better once the show caught up with the manga.
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    This war is a holy war. There will be a cleansing of the earth from the stink beasts as great in its place as the cleansing of the earth by the flood that came in the days of Noah. Let the earth rejoice; let the multitude of isles be glad thereof. Clouds of stink juice are round about: righteousness and judgment are the habitation of this quest. A fire goeth, and burneth up the insect scourge and the earth saw, and trembled.
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    So, gen:LOCK. It was far from perfect, and many of the complaints I've heard make sense. But I liked it, and if a second season somehow finds its way into production past all that behind-the-scenes drama, I'd watch it. 8/10. Also, I'm pretty sure Titmouse produced stuff long before G.I. Joe Resolute came along. Megas XLR and Metalocalypse, anyone?
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    No, those men think you are easy fuggs.
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    Hmm now I want to listen to japanese...black sabbath
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    @1938 Packard lives in nj with zeni and my sources tell me they meet and fuck regularly.
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    Someone lied....You're more like a in shape Carlos Mencia.
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    Brandy...But my second was Snoop Dogg, and no concert I've been to since then can compare. 14 with a contact high from hell....I didn't even have any weed but I have never been higher.
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    If Foo Fighters came around here I’d snap those tickets up
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    I guess when she makes threads saying “why does everyone think i’m terrible?” She should see how she portrays herself sometimes. i just mean i understand both sides. No hate or anything
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    I don't know what she gets out of all this. I mean, there's only so much benefit from negative attention one can get.
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    I have a proximity rule with spiders. You do your thing away from me and I'll do my thing away from you. But should we ever meet in close quarters, especially if I'm butt ass naked, I will destroy you.
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    We will use your sperm and eggs to create a batch of embryos that will be placed in stasis within a synthetic disk. These disks will then be placed deep underground, like a time capsule of genetic material. So that millions of years from now after we've gone extinct, alien life might find the remains of our planet, along with the vault filled with human embryo disks. And when they crack 'em open and put them under the heat lamp for a few days, the encino men they revive will be your genetic legacy. I'm going to make a million dollars with this idea.
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    Lol AB. I wonder if we just witnessed the equivalent of butt fumbling your career....
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    There is no way in fuck I could sleep knowing that monster was still alive. There was one living behind my bed....It still terrifies me, even after it's murder....All I could think was "this thing was mere inches from my face every night" Even now, I have to get up, turn on all the lights, and inspect my general area because of this fucking thread.
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    Packard is a cat expert, ask him for tips.
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    They could have at least laid off it during that serious fight and discussion of killing children.
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    😮 This speech is actually blowing me away.
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    Awww man I thought my posts were sad
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    It wasn't just a handful of people making up lies on the internet. FUNi did an entire investigation before deciding to end a professional relationship they've had going for 20 years. Like, if Sabat says he and Vic were both guests at ShitCon 2013 and he saw McNuggets put his balls in a plate of Jello and then try to feed it to underage girls, there's a record of that. FUNi just contacts the folks over at ShitconCon and asks if they have any information about this alleged thing, and they either say "Oh yeah, the Ol' Jello Balls incident, that sure was weird. Here's the incident report and security footage about it," or "We have no evidence to corroborate that this happened," or "Sorry, we only keep security records for five years; we can't confirm or deny it," and FUNi takes stock of whatever they can get from that lead. They don't just shrug and go "Well three voice actors have shitty things to say about Vic, we'd better burn that bridge without a second thought." Also, what kind of shady de-facto shadow leader, who according to legend can build and destroy his coworkers' careers at will depending entirely on his own personal tastes, still takes two goddamn decades to oust one dude from his legion?
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