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    Huuuuuuuuge cocaine fan right here. Don't use it, just like being around it........Study it.........Appreciate it...........use it sometimes
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    When I got here they were like this
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    So I'm just gonna skip over the fact that Hunter's school sounds like it was staffed by predators just playing the jailbait waiting game on their favorite students, because I don't have time to unpack all that now. Funi having gross, skeevy operations STILL wouldn't excuse or justify literally anything about Vic's behavior. Like, if your work is stiffing people on payday, you don't get to rob your coworkers or customers.
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    Damn you, I can't have any secrets, can I?
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    pfft, history shmistory....don't sweat it.....you know the important stuff like how nukes work and how to barbecue hotdogs in plastic
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    He seems stupid enough to qualify.
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    Why did you visit Packard let alone eat anything he made?
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    Yeah, this is called being willfully ignorant. Vic didn't lose his job because he accidentally thought all his fans wanted to be hugged and kissed. He lost his job because he's been engaging in predatory behavior for 20 years. Trying to lure young fans, underage ones, back to his room under the pretense of watching a video or signing some stuff for them. His behavior was so well known that virtually everyone at every con he worked knew they had to try and keep the younglings away from him. And when he does corner a girl in his room, he basically jumps on them and tries to have sex with them, to the point where if they don't want it to happen they literally have to fight him off. "Voice actor Charlotte (not her real name) confirmed to io9 that she shared her story with Funimation for its investigation. She relayed to io9 her experience, one which Mignogna denied in emailed responses to io9’s questions. Charlotte said that at a con in the late 2000s, she was getting ready to go to dinner with Mignogna and some other con guests and employees. Mignogna asked if they could stop by his room first, because he wanted to show her a video, and she agreed. Because both were in relationships—Mignogna with his now ex-fiancée Michele Specht and Charlotte with her then-boyfriend—she believed the invitation was platonic. As they watched the video, she says, Mignogna grabbed her by the arms and kissed her aggressively, including putting his tongue inside her mouth. She tried to pull away, only to have him pull her back in. She told io9 she felt scared and frozen, “like a board.” Then, things escalated. Charlotte said Mignogna backed her up to the bed and she fell down, then he got on top of her. Soon after, a friend came to check on them, and she immediately got off of the bed. “I was saved by a door knock. I can’t say what would’ve happened [otherwise]. I don’t know if I would’ve kicked his ass, or he would’ve kept [going] and I stayed frozen,” she said. “I keep waking up in the middle of the night with that panic feeling. It’s that panic, it’s that feeling I have to do something to get him away from me.” "On January 30th 2019, shortly after Jessie Pridemore's statement, ANN released an initial article about Vic's allegations. ANN writer Lynzee researched incidents that had multiple people confirming it and photographic evidence when possible. There were pictures for most stories, which described Vic hugging or kissing them in photos without consent. Another story had a minor to which Vic had agreed was "sexy" and he had given his phone number to. The minor wrote his number in a journal at the time and when researched by the reporter, it was indeed Vic's phone number." Yeah I can't believe they don't want this guy around. He probably just gave that underage girl his number so they could chat. "Several people in the anime industry, speaking under the condition of anonymity, shared with io9 their experiences with the voice actor. Rachel (not her real name) recounted with io9 two experiences she says she had with Mignogna. She said the first one, which Mignogna has denied, happened at a convention in 2008. She said a relatively friendly weekend turned uncomfortable when, outside their adjacent hotel room doors, Mignogna grabbed her in a tight embrace and wouldn’t let go, even as she tried to pull away. Like Charlotte, she knew he was in a relationship. She then went into her room, which shared a door with his. That’s when the knocking started. “I heard a slow knocking on the door that was between our two rooms. I knew it was him so I ignored it. And just after two minutes, the hotel room phone rings. And I answered it, and it was Vic. I remember he said, ‘Open the door, nobody has to know,’’” she said. She said he continued to knock on the door, and the phone rang at least one more time, until she stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower—sitting on the bathroom floor for up to an hour, shaking. The second situation happened at a separate convention a couple of years later. Rachel said she had agreed to stop by his room briefly. She said he invited her to sit down on the couch in the front room of the suite, and after a brief conversation she claims he knelt in front of her and began rubbing the backs of her thighs, and said: “Let me be sweet to you.” Rachel told io9 she then got up to leave—only for Mignogna to stand up, embrace her tightly, and press his face against hers. She tried to get out of his embrace but says he wouldn’t loosen his hold. She kept giving him reasons why he should stop, like reminding him he had a girlfriend, but he kept repeating the same line—“Let me be sweet to you”—over and over, at least five or six times, she said. Rachel says she eventually got out of his embrace and left the hotel room, and later told the con’s guest services manager about the incident (the manager confirmed to io9 that they had been told)." There's literally hundreds of stories about this guy, and they're all very similar.
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    This is actually a year or so old, but I don’t take a lot of selfies, so this is what you’re stuck with 😂
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    You don't even know what the case is about, you thought it's a rape case and that blogs and ANN articles are proof written over the summer.
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    Are you implying that kickvic people are flexible in their views?
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    Your argument is that he hasn't been charged in criminal court so he shouldn't be fired? Are you secretly one of Vic's lawyers or something?
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    Wow. It's like he hired a couple of the 3 Stooges as his lawyers.
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    There was plenty of stuff posted in other links showing that people were talking about him being a predator for years, so fuck off with this shit. He didn't rape as many women as Cosby is your defense of him? Seriously, just because you went to school with a bunch of sexual predators doesn't mean that other people should be cool with this. You are straight up fucked in the head. And you definitely care a lot about Vic, or you wouldn't go out of your way to sound like a tool to defend against the 'great conspiracy' you think surrounds him. God, no wonder I don't hang out much with other otaku nowadays. It's too much work avoiding this kind of grossness.
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    I imagine they didn't say anything because people like you assume they're lying. As for Cosby, it's cute that you think it's only 60. Your hyperbole is dumb either way.
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    "The affidavit added that he brought concerns to Colleen Clinkenbeard about his lack of roles in 2017." VIC. YOU ARE, JUST LIKE EVERY OTHER ACTOR THEY EMPLOY, A SUBCONTRACTED FREELANCER. THEY ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO WORK WITH YOU.
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    No, they were. There just wasn't a lot of attention paid to them before the last year or so when the general public decided that hey, sexual assault in the entertainment industry is bad. Plus a lot of people were apprehensive about naming him specifically out of fear of legal action or harassment (hey, look what's happened) and kept their stories intentionally vague but still easy enough to identify if you tried. I've had multiple friends over the past couple years, none of whom know each other or have anything else in common, mention creeped on and kissed by Vic at cons. "Narcissistic douchebag thinks he's God's gift to women and assumes teens want him to kiss them" isn't exactly behavior that's hard to repeat.
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    This is just coming off as a humble brag of fucking your former teacher. And I very much doubt the second teacher was calling the girl over to kiss her during class. If you would like to argue what type of affection is inappropriate for a 40-50 year old man to give to an underage female stranger, we can do that. I don't think you're so socially inept that it's necessary, though.
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    Happy Birthday! Now make a wish, blow out the candles, and don't get foam all over the place!
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    I dunno ... I always think one of them in the friendship secretly wants to bang and is looking for the opportunity
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    I assume you're referencing specific tweets or posts and would like links. I recall VAs cancelling con appearances if Vic was also a guest, but that's all I'm aware of.
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    Looks like there's another affidavit this time by Chuck Huber. He seems to sling a lot of shit towards Funi and the other voice actors. Says there were casting couches where employees were giving sexual favors for roles. Sabat I guess has been calling Vic a Pedo Fag Prima Dona since 03. So now we have to wonder, is Huber lying about all this stuff, as he has nothing really to gain from lying, and if not is there actually some sort of conspiracy and funi has a lot of dirty laundry.Plf_Response_to_MTD.pdf
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    LOL that's dummy prices.
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    yes im sure they would like that... i'll do my part to contribute to the system...
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    I'm never drunk enough when I read this thread. Especially when something new pops up...
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    Possibly. Of course I am more curious as to who pulled this thread out of the same dumpster he found that hibachi in and put it in Food....
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    You mean like some sort of a.... mythological creature? Like from LOTR or something? Like a.... big green..... orc of some sort?
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    Vic defenders remind me of Michael Jackson fans. No matter what evidence you give them they'll never believe it. "Hey so they found photos of naked young boys at his house" LIES! He's INNOCENT! "A maid saw him in the shower with a young boy" LIES LIES LIES "A young boy said he sodomized him" NOPE DIDN'T HAPPEN NO NO NO HE WROTE THRILLER
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    It's release list day. Check out the floated Release threads in Music, Stuff, Gaming (Tabletop), Comics, Books, Video Games and Movies for this week's media releases.
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    There will be another downtime this week for the server. Not sure exactly which day. But my guess is it'll be in that 3-4amish EST range again.
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    KN will be looking into an alternative server situation possibly late next week. If we end up trying it, there may be some board down time associated with that. As we get closer to that day, I'll post and let you know more about when the board will be down along with an estimate of how long.
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    3/8/17 Video Game News and trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/videogames/project-wight/138/ Anime News and trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/anime/yuki-yuna-is-a-hero/135/ Movie News and Trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/television-streaming-shows/krrish-3/26/ Book News http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/arts/algorithms-in-book-publishing/19/ Arts News http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/arts/warner-brothers-goes-after-google-amazon-imdb-self/25/ New Cool Song posts http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/music/cool-songs/152/ Cartoon News and Trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/cartoons/cartoons-and-animation-news-and-trailers/8/ TV and Streaming Show News and Trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/television-streaming-shows/tv-and-streaming-show-news-and-trailers/2/ Horror News and Trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/horror/the-similars/91/ Food n Drink News and Vids http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/arts/tiny-omelette/22/ Tabletop Game News and Trailers http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/gaming-(tabletop)/alchemists-king's-golems/75/ Science News and Vids http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/science/marie-tharp/50/
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    check out the SpaceX launch live feed http://unevenedge.imfapp.in/science/space-x-launch-live-feed/new/#new the launch is a few minutes away as of this posting. update update: launch was beautiful. first stage landed perfectly in the middle of the little red x on the docking platform. second stage is in orbit. I didn't think I was going to be this excited about it. but it's pretty neat. they're coming back in 40 minutes or so from this edit tag for the next mission phase.
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