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    There's nothing in the world as retarded as someone who still supports Trump.
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    I really hope that class 1-B got the same exact lesson, because the idea of Douche Rogue boy using his quirk and then falling through the floor for five minutes while naked and screaming is REALLY funny to me.
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    You obviously didn't try everything because the police had to show up at your place to serve you for a fucking bill.
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    Funny, you never seem to have a problem when nazi's....I mean the alt right beats people or even kills them. I wonder why that is you fascist piece of shit.
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    Yeah, okay, man. The people that brought a hammer to a "peaceful" protest did so for defense and not because they were always looking to bust some heads. You're right. And the guy in the bus didn't immediately come out swinging against unarmed protesters. It's funny because you'd be saying the exact opposite if the situation was reversed. "Antifa are just thugs attacking people with hammers because they can't take the truth." Or some such bs.
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    Not surprised in the slightest that you're quoting Andy Ngo. This is where you come up with some bullshit about how they were defending themselves with hammers from Antifa's very dangerous words.
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    I'm going to do an anti-Sponges and tell you there is no way he'll win. A lot of dumbfucks in poor white America are still on his sack, but he fucked a lot of low class whites over.....They are just a silent group now, unable to justify their mistake.....We'll see election time though.
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    They put him on a cake, which is just saving time by combining two things I want in my mouth.
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    it's admittedly a little silly that Casval didn't just buy brown contact lenses
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    What is it with these Lunar Liners and their tendency to get exploded.
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    That's a pretty badass weapon. And he beheaded that guy with it? Hardcore. I actually applauded that fight scene. Amazing shit right there.
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    ....I mean Casval in general is a little creepy...considering he's an unpredicable homicidal psychopath
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    Heh, such blatant lies. Is it wrong that I find that female roulette dealer oddly attractive?
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    women in Naruto: **defeats enemy** Enemy: *reforms even more powerful cause Women can't beat men! **upperclassmen laugh** women little girls in Boruto: **defeats grown ass adult male enemy** Enemy: **actually dies**
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    i like this song, but when it comes on, all i can thikn of is how it end with the singer screaing BLACK CLOVER!!!!!!!
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    Looks like the meat is on the other foot now
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    Erina: Ikumi knows the lips are the most sensitive part of the human body Me: Genitals would disagree>_>
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    Oh she knows exactly what the meat needs
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    It's amazing how Mito is just as conniving as Hibana, yet is somehow ten times more likeable.
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    "Both the meat and the fat have some sweet luster!" If you know what I mean~.
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    "You getting old?" "Dick." "Not now, honey. We got people to take care of."
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    "The Fire Force has something to hide?" That's literally what he told you last episode.
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    Yo. I'm staying up to watch the block live tonight, so I'm just making my mark in each discussion thread to let y'all know that (assuming I have nothing to say otherwise). See you at 12:30.
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