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    Back in my college years, I had a art project to due as a final. Being the dummy I was, I decided to do a painting the night before as my final. The guy we wrote about (Allen Ginsberg) use to take drugs when writing poems. Since I didn't take drugs and knew no one who sold weed or any drugs because I wasn't popular, I decided to buy vodka and paint him and his love for Walt Witman and used sexual induendos. So I spend all night painting and selpt like 2hrs that night. And when I presented my project, everyone in class was at awe and what I did even though my painting skills are terrible. I explained the penises and other stuff like the beatnicks.and I got a B on that English class. Thank you theater for helping me sound creative and improvise whenever people asked me questions and stuff.:)
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    It's funny how all the liberal NPCs are at odds with each other and the party leadership, while the free-thinking big government hating conservatives all march in lock-step...
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    I went to Walmart to Moneygram my mom some change since she's going on a little trip....While in line, I see this Latino dude at the counter, sending money to I assume Mexico (I say that because of what happened) So as he is giving her the info in broken English, the clerk seems frustrated with the whole situation....Later says "it won't do it"....He say I don't know why, I send money all the time. Then the weird thing happened....The clerk asked him "What are you sending her $600 for"....He calmly answers "because she is sick and needs some money"....And eventually they got through his transaction.....My problem is, can they even do that....Can Walmart employees ask you WHAT you are sending money for....Never once have they asked me. I could hear murmurs behind me asking the same thing but none of us spoke up...That said, when I went to do my transaction, I told her I wanted to send $350.....She said ok....I then asked "Do you want to know what it's for" and she looked at me stupid....Like to say "why would I want to know that". I didn't press the issue, and I may have came in late on a previous problem, prompting her to ask him that....But it seemed way outta line.
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    These are mistakes that a criminal from Ace Attorney would make. You'd think he'd be more prepared to answer questions if he was sure he'd win the lawsuit that he filed, but it's telling when the plaintiff is giving the flimsiest answers and the poorest defense. How can you even create the suit to begin with if you already planned on telling the judge that kissing underage girls is fine depending on the circumstances?
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    There is a couple who lives there permanently, but they have a spare bedroom they rent outt to other people for months at a time. Who is responsible for the upkeep of the apartment?
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    Both his parents look like someone hit "random" when creating a Fallout character.
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    You have a choice in internet buffoonery and we know that. For this reason we would like to tell you thank you for choosing Air Sempsey.
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    Imagine what the traffic would be like if we all had horses. How many people would train theirs to bite. Sooooo many late-for-work-stampedes. [aaaaaand I just realized I'm not quite awake. I think I was originally going to post something about how many people shouldn't have a license and that's when the horses found me. >.> Time for my morning nap]
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    Don’t you mean, you’ll be golden
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    You have no idea how difficult it was to find where she lives, wait until she decided to take a bath, and then dip the little jars in the tub without being noticed.
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    From the article: "Deputy Aaron Pitts said the 18 mixed-breed dogs" "Mack had serious health problems, and it's unclear whether the dogs killed their owner or consumed his body after he died from a medical condition. "Either way, it is a very gruesome event and we extend our sympathy to Freddie Mack's family," Sheriff Adam King said in a statement." "Pitts said two of the dogs were killed by their mates, 13 were put down because of their "aggressive nature" and three have been put up for adoption." The reason for these incidents will always be dipshit owners.
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    They should have called it the Lite Switch, but what the fuck do I know. Give me a job, Nintendo.
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    That sounds like Capcom is really scraping the bottom of the barrel for Mega Man robot masters.
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    I missed that arc....He's usually trying to school scoob....
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    Look, this is nitenndo's endgame because all they want to make are portable systems.
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    Trump knows a lot of people that like to have sex with children. I wonder why that is?🤔
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    Or not called it a Switch at all, since it doesn't do the 'switch' part.
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    Looks like he already died and a taxidermist did his best to reanimate his corpse "Weekend at Bernies"-style before someone checked his pulse. And his wife? Woof!
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    Honestly when you put it like that... I'd go to see if he really has an actual dungeon.
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    Look you Nazi piece of shit, please register Democrat if your state has closed primaries and vote for her. I'm not gonna stop hating you for being a Nazi piece of shit but I'll take what i can get politically at this point. You can still vote for Trump in the general if anyone else wins the nomination.
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    Yeah what the fuck? I like her. Conservatives liking her too is weird. She's not conservative at all. Am I missing something? I know she grew up in a conservative family that hated gay people but I believe she has been able to grow from that and is not a bigot, but if I'm wrong someone correct me.
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    Pat! MY MAN!!!!! I'm going to start a NSFW snapchat where people pay me to put articles of clothing back on SWEET LITTLE BABY JESUS PAT, YOU MAY HAVE JUST MADE ME A MADE MAN I promise when I get rich I'm going to hire a guy to kiss you all Fredo style
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    Instead of what happened in Intruder 2, Tom 1 and current Tom should have had a Sonic Generations type adventure.
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    I think there's a term they like to use for the bouncing.
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    First off- I love that you're actually stating that fully proving Trump is a pedophile won't do anything. What does that extra 900% entail? Secondly, do you really think Trump will leave office if the truth of him raping a 13 year old comes to light? Really? I mean, he's admitted to committing treason against the united states and nobody's done anything. I'm sure they're going to throw the book at him for being a rapist. Which is also something we already know he is and nobody's done anything. #drumpfsfinished
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    SMH. You and @Phillies gonna end up in a windowless room with your nipples hooked up to a car battery. I seent it on the ID Channel. I SEENT IT!
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    I suppose that also means he was also joking 20 years earlier when he gave the famous lecture where he described himself a "faint-hearted originalist" because at the time he felt he would waffle on interpretation - specifically citing flogging as an example of where he'd have to break with originalist dogma by voting that the eighth amendment does preclude flogging if the situation ever arose.
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    iunno, talking about or reading difference theories of constitutional jurisprudence from people who know what they're talking about is interesting helping packard dig his own hole with my semi-informedness was cool too, kinda sad he abandoned the effort
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    I miss the days when you had to ride your bike 2 miles to hand deliver a dick pic to your crush.
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    now get the pee and you'll be set
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