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    Life is bad and I just want my puppies back.
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    customer(reading from letter): payment was returned for non sufficient funds and payment was not processed. please call customer service if you have any questions. me: ok so whats your question? customer: What do you think my question is? me: how you can send another payment???? and she got mad. whatd i do wrong this time? LOL
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    That sounds like a good price for a future party house. The half bath is a perfect place for a twelve year old to clean up her makeup after losing her viriginty to Brother Brett.
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    Yeah, I only make eye contact with boobs.
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    That could literally be anywhere in Atlantic City.
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    Yes cuz theyre all on their phones
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    Lol my kid farted and then had to run and get the air freshener for her own fart. It was hilarious
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    neighborhood is probably less than ideal too, abandoned houses, closed up stores, NO THANK YOU, HARD PASS
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    I'm not believing that any house in AC that is that cheap, 3 br and 1.5 baths isn't gonna need a shit ton of work. Not worth it
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    Oh my kid is already way smarter. Do u kno how hard it is to correct a really smart child who has a youtube addiction? Me: you can't have everything and you should thank God for all you do have Her: but God didnt get me anything..you did. Besides, God is a fairytale designed by man to controll the masses Me: 😳
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    I post about my life all the time, but I have no preconception that people care about it. I know they don't care. But that will never stop me from posting about it.
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    Jesus Christ you take personal offense to fucking everything. Forgive me for misunderstanding your wording of "I think fb not only listens to conversations but also what other people say about you and suggest ads on that" to mean those are the things you think your results are based on.
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    I'll have my master's degree and state license
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    You know, soulless sellouts. The ones that take money from corporations and make their policies favor the rich. So, almost everyone up there.
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    Got any adrenachrome? Or maybe just a fresh adrenaline gland to chew on?
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    any cat for predsident 20020
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    I'm studying "social sciences" but shit I don't know anything about being social around people. lol
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    Lets see inside, champ.
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    “I cooperated with cops and casino security during the strike” okay OFFICER Packard
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    you're not...you're one of god's own prototypes....a high-powered mutant of some kind never even considered for mass production
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    i am a computer. i understand people.
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    Sometimes, I feel like the problem is that I may not be one - maybe if I was, I could blend in and just coast.
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    Thankfully color photography was invented by the time of Cornelius McConnell.
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    so that's the hierarchy gamer guys buy gamer girl pee gamer girls buy gamer tgirl pee gamer tgirls buy gamer tguy pee
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    Ugh, it’s been a long, hot, family drama filled day but I scored some awesome books at the library. They were all actually books that I put in purchase item request form for a couple of months ago! Libraries rock!
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    Hey I'm all for anything that helps teach gamers about the concept of "bathing"
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    I was referencing a meme from this whole deal XD
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    Am really digging what I've seen of this show, looking forward to the dub cast announcement, probably once we find out when this fall it's going to start.
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    I'm surprised AX has come and gone and THIS is the only Toonami announcement we've had--and it's not even filling any of the next THREE vacancies on the block!
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    =_= I wish I could quit you but where else am I going to find unnecessary drama just for the sake of unnecessary drama that I can observe safely from the outside but also have the option to insert unnecessary memes and comment unnecessarily?
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    I'm currently powering my way through my DVD box sets of, 'Get Smart,' [made it to season 5 so far], and, 'The Rockford Files.' [Halfway through season 1]
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    No, I take the word of actual legal experts, not random assholes on YouTube.
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    No, that's not how it works. The onus is on the plaintiff to prove that the statements made were deliberately false and caused damage. The burden of proof is on Vic's team. And stop repeating alt-right bullshit. The "jelly bean thing" was not remotely the only incident in question.
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    The burden of proof is also on Vic to demonstrate that there was a coordinated attempt to defame him. I hope he enjoys bending over and getting reamed.
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    A couple months ago they were taken across the state to a new family.
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