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    Ok, well first thing first...."My name is doomer (don't say doomer, use your real name)....I just wanted to say hi" Bam, first hurdle done
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    Don't listen to awful Narkew....Look man, It feels weird saying this to an adult, but always take the shot. Girls are not scary.....Annoying, but not scary. Just ask her for her number (or FB or whatever it is you kids do now) and find a way to talk to her outside of work. One thing that I've noticed is that women respond to interest. As long as you don;t stink or look slimey, you got a chance....Don't sell yourself short, have confidence, and I would say be funny....But I'm not sure if you should try that in person since I only know ya from here. Also, pics....I need to see this chick
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    Find out what it means to me
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    I would just speak to her first, make an effort to greet her and then build up to small talk and see how that goes. Then ask her to go out for coffee or a drink after work. I wouldnt jump in with lets date or I like you.... that kinda stuff creeps me out.
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    And if you guys barely see each other at work, it’s prob not much of a risk.
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    Be friendly and introduce yourself. Read her response. If it seems like you’re just annoying her, leave her be. Don’t mistake politeness for mutual interest. Once you’ve built a rapport, ask her to lunch or out for drinks or coffee. Something low pressure.
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    I was going to give you some advice but then I remembered who I am.
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    Try to drum up a conversation first. If it goes well ask if she wants to chill outside of work. Avoid the word date for now.
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    That was before I learned what those bubbles really were.
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    i usually tell them I use CentOS and watch them get confused
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    This is a matter of concern amongst the breeders exclusively.
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    "Hi, this is Franklin McGIllicutty from Sneaky Boys Incorporated, calling to inform you that your Social Security number has been cancelled. That's right. You aren't a person anymore."
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    Don't put him in the storage unit, ya dingus. Just put him in a box for him to have fun and play in.
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    i thought the point of coasters was so you could put your hands up
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    I rode it last year during Halloweekends. Best roller coaster I've ever ridden. Hands down.
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    If that's the case.... You're all fucked.
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    Or, tell her you want to eat her asshole. She could be a fuggs and want to suck your dick on the spot.
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    My best advice is not to let this build up too much. There is a chance of getting rejected, and in that case do not feel bad. Just move on. Be glad that you at least took the chance.
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    i had a dream monday night naraku4656 was going on a tinder date with emilia clarke's character from game of thrones after that last episode and the date went horribly because of how awkward naraku4656 was take this as you will
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    man, just ask her to lunch. you work together one shift. there is absolutely no harm in asking a co worker you would like to know to lunch. is this job your career? do you plan on being a dick? if you answered no, then..dude....just ask her to lunch.
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    It's where Judy came from. "She's a Scientologist".
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    I don't really have an opinion other than to say that Worst Naraku is the last person you should be getting relationship advice from... or work advice.... or home buy advice...
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    That's coward talk....I talked to a few girls I worked with....It's not as damning as people make it seem. In fact, in my experience, it make things easier when you have someone to help the day go by. I figure this stance comes from the insecurity that it goes bad and you have to see this person on a perpetual basis....But to that I say just grow a pair.....These are just people, not demons.
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    Put some clothes on, slut.
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    They’re building up the area, shopping and stuff but it is weird nothing really there but plenty around there
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    I mean they’re driving through here anyway. I think at least if it had been at the yards more people would’ve been inclined to take public transportation and they wouldn’t even have to wait 100 years for the bus like now 😆
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    You know who's the worst at remodeling his own house? A contractor.
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    To be fair, do you want drunk people from Jersey in your neighborhood every Sunday?
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    If my cat started speaking I think the first thing she’d say would be.... “fuck you”
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    Nah, I'd let her kill me if that's what she wanted. I would both kill for, and die for, that dog.
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    I did not ride steel vengeance
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