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    Makes sense as alabama is populated mainly through rape and incest.
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    Ok, well first thing first...."My name is doomer (don't say doomer, use your real name)....I just wanted to say hi" Bam, first hurdle done
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    Are you? .... or are you secretly working for some big olive producer? What are they paying you? If I suddenly disappear I want everyone to know .... Star Trek > Star Wars
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    Don't listen to awful Narkew....Look man, It feels weird saying this to an adult, but always take the shot. Girls are not scary.....Annoying, but not scary. Just ask her for her number (or FB or whatever it is you kids do now) and find a way to talk to her outside of work. One thing that I've noticed is that women respond to interest. As long as you don;t stink or look slimey, you got a chance....Don't sell yourself short, have confidence, and I would say be funny....But I'm not sure if you should try that in person since I only know ya from here. Also, pics....I need to see this chick
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    If it makes you feel any better, my father is my pro bono contractor, and every room in my house is half-started with no finish in sight. Maybe someday I will have an upstairs bedroom or a completed kitchen.
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    my fav is when dump accuses obama of not doing anything about russian interference whilst also bitching that he was put under surveillance by the obama admin
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    fucking loser as cousin fuckers ..each shit ... you surrendered. .who celebrates losing
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    Find out what it means to me
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    I would just speak to her first, make an effort to greet her and then build up to small talk and see how that goes. Then ask her to go out for coffee or a drink after work. I wouldnt jump in with lets date or I like you.... that kinda stuff creeps me out.
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    And if you guys barely see each other at work, it’s prob not much of a risk.
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    Be friendly and introduce yourself. Read her response. If it seems like you’re just annoying her, leave her be. Don’t mistake politeness for mutual interest. Once you’ve built a rapport, ask her to lunch or out for drinks or coffee. Something low pressure.
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    I was going to give you some advice but then I remembered who I am.
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    Try to drum up a conversation first. If it goes well ask if she wants to chill outside of work. Avoid the word date for now.
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    That was before I learned what those bubbles really were.
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    now this thread is full of mimes
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    No I just hate them. Olives taste the way I imagine feet tasting
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    Audibly laughed in the office at that. Obviously the point is to craft a flagrantly unconstitutional law so Kavanaugh gets to vote on Roe. There's something of an arms race between red states to be the one who does it.
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    "Anna's Anal Adventure?"
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    I like that they're only pro-Jew when it's Israel.
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    It has been for a few years gramps.
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    na bitch....na....I got this
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    Got a second Latias today from Field Research. Also reached best friend status with Pooh today in the game. Ranked up to 34 last week.
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    I showed you my balloon knot, pls respond.
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    No one will ever find it now
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    This thread sucks.
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    Completely spent, Sawdy throws himself on the couch as the 65 year old chinese prostitute shows herself out of the suite. It was so taboo to be out in public with another man's seed still on his lips and face, but Sawdy had never felt more alive.
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    Bachelor party... Is done and over with..... Oof.
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    "You're a citizen if you're born here. Unless you're brown. Then you have to prove your parents were citizens. Until we decide that doesn't matter and we make it so only white people are citizens." I love how Republicans get all defensive when you call them racist and then turn around and suggest racist shit like this.
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    My mom participates in triathlons and marathons, does cross fit, is part of a roller derby team (I helped her choose the derby name "Smother Teresa"). She's miles above everybody else in the family at 52.
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    Emma's pure mind can only take so much at once.
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    It's just a Hail Mary to try and tilt the narrative a week out from the midterms, like the 10% tax cut he made up on the spot at a rally a week or two ago.
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