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    I guess that makes you guys my children or something
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    Does this mean I have to sit on your lap and call you daddy, but in a platonic way?
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    It's official. 600,000+ DB Super ratings are the norm with this new schedule now, and I'm glad for it.
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    You have cat to be kitten me right meow.
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    I think it's not a stretch that we'll see 700Ks for DBS once again before too long!
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    Wow, that's a solid gain for Mob Psycho. I hope they can take advantage of this by airing the second season right away. In other words, this new schedule is definitely working.
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    Only if you use it while having sex with another man.
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    Stop referring to me as ben0119, I am not that weirdo
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    Niiiiiice. Interesting. I shall keep you updated
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    Yeeeeep. Majority of people are like that. I'm currently in Savannah, GA. But depending on how things go, I could possibly either be in either AL or GA. I'll know after this weekend. (I got a lot of crap going on in life too). However, if I do remain in GA, SC isn't too far from me. I haven't had a chance to meet a user from the ASMB or here yet. Same thing I guess
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    Oh HAHA Yeah, I understand. I was in Alabama at that time anyways. Idk where you live but I doubt it was close at all. But at that time, I'm sure we would have accepted you
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    I'll be that distant uncle who stops by every 2 years
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    Shit. I like men and women but I'm so damn picky with men. Like, I've only dated and fucked two men in my life.
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    Dad? Is that you? o_o
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    It wasn't a compliment and the fact that you took it as one says more about you than I ever could.
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    You're still in Peru....Haven't you been there since like Christmas
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    U look hot in this pic. Like billy zane. Congratulations
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    Land of the Lustrous 1-3 I'm almost crying this anime is so beautiful.
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    Dam dude that was nice. I would def go see play live at a bar
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    Tengo una margarita, si la quieres. Acabo de comer un Baconator de Wendy’s. No puedes tener eso, porque eso es mío.
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    yeah, budgets a big factor in a way but it's still can be accomplished without one. and I was asking myself and thinking about the seconded question. because it's it can be both I guess
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    And yet, somehow, zeni works at a high school.
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    Hostel bar? What did you do to make them angry?
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    Gary Kubiak to the Vikings and Mike Munchak to the Broncos. If you enjoy low-scoring defensive snoozefests, the 2019 Broncos should have you feeling very exci- you're asleep already aren't you?
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    are you down with the yiffness
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    I want my name to be KalganBlowMeAway.
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    Haha..I just realized the dude in the Liberty Mutual commercial is Tenya Iida
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    You forgot the Water Ban. Hang your head in shame.
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    We don't even want to see half the shit posted here...No one else will either.
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    There's only 927 episodes of Detective Conan. How can you be satisfied by less than 1500? I like my anime to be so long that my descendants have to tell me how it ended by having a seance.
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    To his defense, I think Nick's Shield Hero preview had some nuance. He goes on for a bit about how it's a boring RPG-like isekai we've seen a hundred times before, and the tertiary characters don't exist except for being objects to help the MC get back at everyone for betraying him. It's just that everyone in the cursed ANN thread decided to pounce on him for the other half; some of them (definitely not you) may be raging misogynists of any right-of-center political flavor that I don't agree with, but I support their point that it's not good to jump to conclusions like this. Anyone who watches this show due to the false-rape accusation part of the plot or for anything about the author's politics just to "own the libs" is making a mockery of themself. That shit ain't rational, even if the show could ultimately at least be decent. You're better off celebrating the good stuff that's airing this year.
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    I have a reasonable explanation for why I did that! And that is ....... I wasn't paying attention to what I was doing. So THERE!
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    Black people say: I's married now
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    Goblin Slayer WOULD be an interesting chance to air those Tigtone promos, but I think it's only gonna run for 6 episodes, and like The Shivering Truth, it will be out of premieres by January. As for Toonami, some shows went up and some went down, but Megalobox did cross an interesting threshold for the first time ever: http://www.showbuzzdaily.com/articles/showbuzzdailys-top-150-saturday-cable-originals-network-finals-1-12-2019.html Megalobox cracked 400K for the first time ever in total viewers, but it actually did WORSE in 18-49 than last week, as did Dragon Ball Super and JoJo. Boruto and Mob did better, so it will be interesting to see if this week actually beat last week when all is said and done. Another interesting thing is that Toonami seems to be getting some of its "girl power" mojo back, at least for Dragon Ball Super. That's the highest F12-34 rating, and the closest to P18-34 and M12-34, that I've seen in a while.
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