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    Gotta say, it's strange watching a single party gain control of all branches of government, shut that government down, and then blame the opposing party.
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    Sorry, hon, but if you have to wonder, the answer is probably not.
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    It's like having sex with a Bratz doll
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    There's no reason that I, a trans woman, shouldn't be able to carry a gun given that I am likely to be targeted by fascists and other bigots. Getting rid of guns will not get rid of mentalities and conditions which put me at risk. It is a reaction. It is not an answer or a response.
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    If you really loved me, you would read my fanfictions.
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    No, I definitely think they're real. I just think they'll never succeed at anything.
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    Also, make sure you show her your penis. Then mark your territory by pissing on her shoes. Real alpha male shit right there. Show them all what's up.
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    JoJo may soil the sheets, and Black Clover may diarrhea the mattress, but Teen Titans Go reruns drench the whole damn room in shit.
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    Well, I went to this sit ironically to look at what pathetic idiot would buy one of these to have sex with, and moments later realized I was fappin......To sex dolls......What the fuck is happening to my life
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    You most certainly implied all black people when you stated that the entire population can't fault you for your views. You expect them to accept that your views are true and accurate because you expect them to agree that a certain subset are pieces of shit. Let's not mix words here. This is an entitled mentality, one based on your views and why you have them. That's a bullshit argument. I'm reasonably sure you wouldn't agree that all religious leaders are pieces of shit because a certain subset are pedophiles. Or that all men are pieces of shit because a certain subset has a nasty habit of raping women. If I as a woman claimed that you as a man can't blame me for my views because some men just can't keep their dicks in their pants, you would most likely remind me that not all men are like that. Yet, you still hold fast to your views while attempting to correct mine. The stupid reputation the black population has is not solely their problems. Every single race, gender, etc has a subset of assholes. Holding an entire group for the crimes of a few only drags society down, and ignores that those very same crimes are committed everywhere. It's this very reason that women receive lighter sentences, when convicted, verses their male counterparts. Women are capable of raping men. Female teachers sleep with male students, yet usually when this occurs jokes are made about how hot the teacher is and when was she when I was in school. Societies views shape how we handle these problems and by focusing on a certain subset, great evils committed by others are often overlooked, mocked, and forgotten. I have not interacted with you nearly enough for you to lump me in with "you people" yet you did so anyway. Despite the fact I never called you a racist and merely pointed out why some people called you racist. Sure my first two comments were more joking in nature, and pot shots at education/healthcare in America, but that shouldn't detract from my main point. Sure, it was a reaction to the thread overall, but I wasn't jumping on any bandwagons. You made a post that highlighted the reasons why people call you racist. You can dismiss it or whatever, makes not difference to me. Also, I am neither of those things. I was bored, period. You made a post, I responded. Simple as that. I have no interest in "fixing" you, can't be bothered to care. In my world, your views are hardly a minority and you would be no fun to dominate. Lastly, your so cocksure about your views you don't even bother to do the very things you accuse others of not doing. That's a little of the pot calling the kettle black there. Wait, I lied. One more point. You don't interact with children like at all do you? You're views are based on social conditioning, not natural instinct. Children rarely harbor such views on their own. They are taught them.
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    The same way all these mooches have obama phones and healthcare......Taxing your expensive, odorless smokes.......Thank you for keeping our nation afloat with your 25k a year.
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    They may have all died, but I'm sure at least a few got happy endings.
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    Immigration is not automatically an escape from abject poverty. Humans are genetically predisposed to move out of their home "range" in search of opportunities, and while that does not directly define most emigrations, it does explain many of the patterns that have developed over the course of human history. Also, the Great Irish Famine is indicative of the unsophisticated nature of farming not just in Europe but also in the central US and other "breadbaskets" across the globe. It's worth noting that both the advent of synthesized pesticides and a fundamental understanding of viruses was still years in the future.
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    Last I checked Irish immigrants weren't sold into slavery here bucket.
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    I just don't think they will ever accomplish their dreams.
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    They didn’t even take a photo for mine, just simply inserted a Carrot Top photo
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    ID photographer: Okay, take your glasses off! Me: *Thinking about how my eye does its best impression of Jean-Paul Sartre's eye whenever my glasses are off* Me: Guess I'll die.
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    Public castration immediately comes to mind. Zeni, line up, 'cause you're next, bucko.
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    you have car knowledge so you got my vote
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    I kinda can't belive they're making an anime of this I'd been seeing these weird little comics popping up on my Tumblr Dash since the day I joined
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    Makes me think that they need to Re-merge AS and CN, put Lazzo, Manning, and Demarco in charge of the whole thing. Make it an all ages channel with a young adult focus with obviously mature content at night. It seems they lost the battle for the kids. Maybe that’s not good for Nielsen though, I don’t know?
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    Unevenedge.com is the only thing that matters to me. All other things are inconsequential.
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    Going to be even stranger to watch them lose again in three weeks, only to follow it up with a complete loss in terms of DACA protections when those run out in nine weeks.
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    Get in the van, Kenny. You're going to Disney World.
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    Can an Indian guy have sex and have it not be rape?
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