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    Sorry, hon, but if you have to wonder, the answer is probably not.
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    If you really loved me, you would read my fanfictions.
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    I've plunged the toilet more often in the last month than whoever is dating your mother does in a year.
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    I can just imagine jingo slowly stroking his flaccid chode as he wrote that.
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    So, what other buzzwords you got in your arsenal?
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    They don’t attach any sensors. I haven’t researched it thoroughly yet but the articles say there’s hundreds of cameras watching and they’re using AI and ML to track your activity in the store plus the shelves are also scales. When you pick up an item, it’s added to your shopping cart, if you put it down, it’s removed from your cart.
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    I prefer android 21
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    how about we concentrate on killing claudius and avenging our father before we contemplate suicide. I mean the play's not even half over. wait... what were we talking about?
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    Pubic kissing. Pubic. Between them legs son.
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    I'll listen to a mixed playlist of lofi hiphop/glitchhop for some relaxing ambience a lot. There's a number of good "radio" channels on youtube such as this one that provide a pretty good writing atmosphere. They use a lot of jazz elements as well.
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    Being the morbid fuck that We are, the story has always been a favorite of Ours despite its problematic message. (As an aside, We firmly believe that some people are inherently bad actors, but as there is no obvious way to identify them as such without giving them a chance to prove themselves, the lesson We've taken from it is to be cautious about how vulnerable you make yourself, particularly when your instincts raise alarm.) One of the things We wanted to do in Our retelling was to emphasize how the frog's nature plays a part in the outcome as well. The early description of her interactions with Karen is meant to establish a tendency to put others' desires ahead of her own. It's definitely one of the threads We would develop more if We ever come back to this. In the early stages, We had considered making the sting happen not entirely intentionally, like there's a close call during the crossing and she panics but We couldn't work out a way to make it feel right.
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    It's easy...you know that sound a completely satisfied woman makes? I thought not.
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    alright alright alright i was smoking dicks in the back of my toyota then i let it slip that i too had a dick i got chased out by a guy with a flame throwa he wasn't gay but im not either he gave 50$ and i cured his fever so i dunno what the problem was im not even gay bruh i like the muff
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    Immigration is not automatically an escape from abject poverty. Humans are genetically predisposed to move out of their home "range" in search of opportunities, and while that does not directly define most emigrations, it does explain many of the patterns that have developed over the course of human history. Also, the Great Irish Famine is indicative of the unsophisticated nature of farming not just in Europe but also in the central US and other "breadbaskets" across the globe. It's worth noting that both the advent of synthesized pesticides and a fundamental understanding of viruses was still years in the future.
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    Last I checked Irish immigrants weren't sold into slavery here bucket.
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    They didn’t even take a photo for mine, just simply inserted a Carrot Top photo
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    ID photographer: Okay, take your glasses off! Me: *Thinking about how my eye does its best impression of Jean-Paul Sartre's eye whenever my glasses are off* Me: Guess I'll die.
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    Will TrigunBebop ever discover the perfect balloon? Tune in next week! *cheesy Dynasty Warriors-esque theme music*
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    A 1983 Dodge Rampage. It looked exactly like this one.
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    It wasn’t that bad. Still, watch Kong: Skull Island if you need more monsters. It even has Steve Brule in it. For your health!
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    as a person with a down syndrome family member, i have to object to this. it should be PHOENIX DOWN-syndrome. get that extra S the fuck outta here.
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