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  2. Lol, that didn't mean I wasn't going to read it. I've heard of financial companies monitoring fund use and making recommendations that are kinda mandates because it's a loan to avoid bankruptcy or something, but I think only for private companies. Economics confuses the shit out of me so I don't know it well. I can see a legitimate aim in putting the treasury in oversight of their money, but government oversight is supposed to come from third parties. DeJoy is definitely up to some weird shit though, postal workers are starting a no Trump campaign. The mail situation I'm mostly headlines though. I think everything going on right now is literally the craziest shit I've ever seen in my life.
  3. i dont follow. talking about finally getting some rain to clear up this smoke. the fire still ongoing but it aint headed our direction.
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  5. Deleting my facebook account seems like a good idea. Not sure why, but I am weary I might break down and try to cancel the deletion. Friends and connections from my acitve army days all gone.. but with it all the thots and fake friends right? If they truly want to talk to me maybe they'll be able to add me if I ever make another account right? Seems a shame I havent done this yet honestly. Maybe I'm just in my feels idk.. I'll figure it out though.
  6. tyson looking as intimidating as he was 20 years ago. maybe roy still thinking, this is just exhibition, i'll be safe.
  7. This would be an awesome segue for Nabs, but he has a character arc to dedicate himself to and he'll have to miss this gold.
  8. They used to sell it in the Sam's back home....It was either good, or just good because of the size of the slice....That was at least 25 years ago though.....No idea what they are pushing now.
  9. Roy says god got him....I'm pretty sure god is like "Don't put that shit on me...YOU signed that shit"
  10. almost a week of the worst air in the world. finally getting some rain tonight.
  11. maybe this was a typical exam? either way there could be something there.
  12. has there been any roy jones hype vidoes yet? mike tyson is still looking like he's out for blood.
  13. Every retarded kid from my school has a family.... We also had a couple of gay guys who weren't happy until they went off to college and were able to truly live their sexual identity......Move away from your family and friends and discover your true sexuality...The longer you pretend it's women, the more we will suffer.
  14. couldnt watch tonights game but saw some highlights, joe burrow was making some pretty sweet passes. i think hes showing lots of promise.
  15. i usually wait to get a next gen system, unless theres something i really want to play. plus i wanna avoid situations like the one you describe.
  16. im talking about people in general. most people dont want war or want to live anywhere near it. governments in general just try to do what in their best interest which mean in most societies, they got to try and keep their people happy. or at least have enough people that are well off. once the petrodollar collapses it will mean that it is no longer the reserve currency. which means the end of the US empire and most likely a lot of pain. especially with how over printed the dollar has been.
  17. yup you'll have to get of your lazy butt and try
  18. He played in such a different league too. Agreed on the rest. I'm thinking Megatron will get in too, besides Jerry Rice, I've never seen a more dominant receiver.
  19. lol, sorry i jumped the gun.
  20. Also lol I didn't know this guy decided to give an update on Kyle the rooster.. Guess I'm..behind on his channel lol.
  21. Just jokin' man. I couldn't really think of a punchline for this one I guess.
  22. They fry up the same I hear.. Also I feel bad for the dudes saying that.. I mean roosters are kind of jerks, but they are also crazy little dinobirds that are interesting to watch do shit.. Yeah I might be a country fuck at heart IDK.. I'm probably also single-handedly responsible for this clip being viral, but it always makes me feel good lol.
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