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  2. I had bedbugs when I lived in a dorm and it was the most stressful four months of my life. I'm so glad I didn't bring them home with me. My aunt has them now because my cousin stored some furniture at her place and she's super pissed about it.
  3. the only team i see in that list winning one this year are the chargers. both texans and vikes are a tier below them. and the rest are either on a fall, unproven, rebuilding, or still shitty.
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  5. lupin_bebop

    PokΓ©mon Go

    So.....apparently....One Piece Pikachu spawns in my apartment complex.
  6. He's also undoubtedly a more mature, responsible adult than you.
  7. ...........I was being sarcastic. I'm usually not very serious, ESPECIALLY when I'm being extremely serious, like my last post. If I wanted to be mad and mean, I'd just go ahead and do it. If I want to tell you that you're not my parents......then, I'm probably screwing with you, especially when you've ruined my day. You kinda CAN'T ruin my day.........I was born darker than a sheet of paper.....my day is already fucked from the get-go. I don't need you to screw it up.
  8. *Mwahahahaha* I’ll never tell...😎
  9. Lol I don’t live near there anymore
  10. Another month and they'll be desperate enough that you can start getting your title loans from them.
  11. Cue the barking seals with the shampoo basket of upvotes for the only trump card that any woman can ever think of to play. By the by, threatening pussy only works when it has not been around long enough to accumulate stalagmites. That anyone considers your intellect formidable is a function of just how much dusty broads are conditioned to curved grading.
  12. Man, you and Bucket. smh I'm sorry, but I wouldn't do either of you if you had a ten foot pole. Time to let go of these hopeless fantasies and move on.
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