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  2. I regret nothing.
  3. the scene cuts just before it gets interesting
  4. Today
  5. kinda sad for a bulge.
  6. no, it's the bulge at the end
  7. idk what episode of teen titans had buttplugs.
  8. It was like the [as] Myspace equivalent that shut down maybe 2008 or 2009
  9. It would loosen you up help w/stress
  10. Poof

    Got a leak

    No its the splat
  11. Nah. I meant like a blast shield. To protect you from the blasters.
  12. what helmet I mean I'm not I don't have seizures or anything why do I need a helmet and yes I have a learning disability because of my ADHD but I'm not that special needs
  13. gotta say, it's oddly satisfying watching him do this. it's the firm wipe at the end that really gets me.
  14. Hope you had your helmet on, ghostie.
  15. Incest is the best put your sister to the test
  16. I've eaten lots of raw eggs I guess I'm rolling the dice
  17. If you do try this you will need to get eggs so fresh they just fell out of the cloaca because here in America they wash they so much that they protective barrier on the shells is worn away. This opens the pores in the shells and allows micro organisms to enter. They don't do that in Japan so it is safe for them to eat eggs like that.
  18. You gotta cook it before you eat it.
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