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  2. Show them NO MERCY! Unless whatever did this is cute, then see if you can domesticate it. But if not NO MERCY!
  3. banana cake cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting and lemon curd filling. *next time, i will leave the icing white, and decorate the cupcake like a daisy.
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  5. Something has dug all through the flower bed
  6. So this was after the hunt, but before the slaughter.
  7. There have been so many things called Chuck Testa. It’s clear that you can get a new one of these every time you enter the phrase into the internet. Why do there have to be so few deer hunters though? Ok, you know what? You be swim, I’ll be the basement portojon i.e. my guy.
  8. OMG Ginguy said something sensible? I'mma stock up on Twinkies and gas masks, the horsemen are coming.
  9. Well, I'm not sure if "original" should count, given that they've made an animated Peanuts show and are working on a movie about the Grateful Dead starring Jonah Hill. This series fits right in with those. As for "artsy", the 2008 film has become a huge cult classic. J.J. Abrams being involved is a downgrade, but if this show can be at least half as trippy as what the Wachowskis made, I would call that a win.
  10. A rerun is the highest-rated show of the year so far? Who'da thunk it? In fact, that episode of Primal is the best anything on Toonami has done since a Fena premiere back in September. While the lineup could definitely be better, it's nice to see that Toonami is exceeding at least our expectations. One random idea I've had over the past few days is to come up with some sort of equation that grades Toonami's ratings on a curve. The numbers have been steadily dropping for a few years now, and we like to talk about how long it's been since a show last rated X amount of viewers. The days of anything getting a million are long behind us, and even 500K is a tall task nowadays, but if we could average things out based on the gradual decline of TV viewership, it could tell us what passes for a million nowadays, and whether the ever-lowering ratings are actually worth panicking about. Interesting post. Toonami already had something like a podcast years ago with Pre-Flight, which I watched for a while and enjoyed. I don't know how you would reinvent the wheel, but Jason and Gill finding some time to talk about the block and how great it is, with a focus on current and recently-aired shows, would be nice. And showing off fan art was something the block did back in its CN heyday; thanks to Caboose for this stray upload. As for the T-shirt thing: given that Toonami has been partners with Daylight Curfew for a while, I think it'd be cool to outsource merch designs. They could even give out free stuff to go along with it; the only Toonami apparel I own is a T-shirt I got from the 20th anniversary giveaway.
  11. Apple TV?! You’re supposed to have all the original, artsy stuff! Shame!
  12. It is one you can just watch with prime.
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