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  2. You're in a downward spiral bucket and I legitimately feel sorry for you.
  3. You just gonna keep doing that until @Ginguy comes in and gives you the positive attention you so desperately need?
  4. For reference, here’s the first fight - Who’s watching and who do you have?
  5. So is that really all it takes to convince yourself? I'd hate to have a mind that weak.
  6. not so much anti. i hate the gathering of info, and the spam ads. but i like to read about what's going on in the world. do a little snopes. but mostly post funny shit to make people on my list laugh for a minute.
  7. oh that is pretty! i can't wait to get my new sewing machine and serger. i'm gonna' make all the things.
  8. Today
  9. I had one like this one, but it was cheap and broke
  10. It was a holloween costume...I was a jaded housewife who went crazy.
  11. It's pretty funny that the only defense you can come up with is "pretending" to be ignorant of the evidence.
  12. @Neko ummmm, you got a little something on your face.
  13. You can do it. My big ass tried.
  14. my insurance sent me a bill for $190 for an urgent care i went to when i was sick. the self pay option for that same urgent care was $119. insurance companies are useless
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