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  2. Hit me up if you find it... save me some trouble
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  4. watching Supernatural once a week, 50% of the year. I caught the pilot episode randomly back in high school as I was channel surfing and haven't missed an episode since. I cried like a bitch when it ended the other week. TBH feels like losing a friend of family member. Such an awesome show, I'm glad I got to see it finish before I died.
  5. Off topic but I love your "Super Kami Guru" title. I just rewatched all of abridged not too long ago. Talk about an awesome way to kill time over a 4 day period.
  6. I'd say wait a bit. Prices will go down eventually.
  7. Not sure what to make of this... I mean, a part of me was hoping he dropped more weight, but they are 50... so Mike keeping the power is really in his benefit... because old... idk... I got nothing else going on at 11, so I'll find a stream on reddit... I sure as hell ain't paying 45 bucks for it.
  8. Lol this dude. But yeah, we always knew this was going to be power vs stamina....if roy can take this to the 3rd, it might be ippon for Mike
  9. So... aren't pet names easier for all? Also, in all of my experience, I have never called someone the wrong name during sex... even my sloppiest, drunkest excursions.
  10. I mean, if you're able to consciously dictate what you call the person while having sex, then more power to you. I don't have that ability. I'm not thinking ahead here. It's all I can manage to not say the name of whatever ex I may or may not be thinking about in the moment.
  11. Terry Or, as mentioned, pet names. Terrance becomes Cum Guzzling Crotch Cricket.
  12. Because it's weird? Like honestly, during sex, do you want to accidentally be like, "Aw, fuck yeah, Terrance" and then think to yourself, "Fuck, my little brother's name is Terrance"? I think at that point I would realize that I could never fuck that person again.
  13. I disagree. For me, the narrow margin is indicative a race based on a straight up or down referendum as opposed to a race between two distinct identities. The thing to consider is that any race can be boosted by external factors, and how the race results only has context from how it’s presented. Media from both sides tended to make this a referendum on Trump himself, either as a choice between Trumps insanity and a sane caretaker government, or choice between Trumps brand of independence and the political machine, the “swamp”, in Washington. Participation is almost always a factor of external pressures. It’s oversimplified to say that people only participate when they have a problem, but, in general, an environment where people are forced to engage in civic function results in greater participation. At the lowest level, or the lowest common denominator across party lines, it was a matter of people being engaged simply because they were isolated from their families. Of course Biden might well have won without COVID. We can’t really know because he was forced to react as well, and there wasn’t a lot of time or conditions to allow him to stake out a more personable profile. Thanks in large part to the early onset of the pandemic this year, it might well have leveled out the aisles of better candidates like Bernie, and made them less appealing to voters outside of the partisan ranks. Nonetheless, it would not have suppressed anyone enough to allow Trump to overcome the stark choice of his own making. An electorate consumed by pandemic issues and a candidate who made too many relevant mistakes to ignore were enough to make this a choice between Trump and not Trump early enough to make the likely results favorable to his opponent.
  14. Tyson weighed in 10 pounds more than Roy at 220.. and his quote.... "if I'm running anywhere, I'm running at him" is Mike's strategy... I predict just straight up murder.
  15. Ja feel. I think you underestimate the majestic woodchuck, but hey, what do I know?
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