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  2. I understand that but I think most people don't know the difference. All they are going to see is a gold swastika and nope out as fast as possible.
  3. So...you knock $3K off the price of a new car (doubtful) with lower fuel efficiency and pay to fill the tank twice a week instead of once which quickly adds up to more than $3K, plus lower air quality so more spare the air days (will we still be allowed to have those?) and people in the hospital who can't breathe. Wow savings, much brain. And he's so pissed off that automakers defied him and said, "nah, the fuel efficiency is fine, we can do that, we should do that," that he's trying to make them heel with anti-trust laws. Like Trump gives a shit about trusts.
  4. Sabat isn't part of the suit. You know that, right? And no they didn't do him dirty. He got himself into this mess, with his own two gropey hands. One of the more interesting things the judge said, after updating them on the death threats, was this (emphasis added): I think there is a community out there, obviously, that is interested in this case. I think it might be -- I mean, this isn't a TV show. This is real life stuff. This isn't an anime cartoon or something like that, and I don't know if people can distinguish between the two. So what I'm trying to say is I think y'all may owe a duty to this community, since y'all's clients are a part of it, to try to get this case worked out. And in closing I just wanted to tell y'all in person, because I thought it was rather serious with regards to -- and I don't know what all is out there. That's just what I was given. And so there could be much more than that. I don't know. But just watch your back. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d6rw17b1fa0i7ky/2019-09-17 Mediation Order Hearing Transcript - Marked.pdf?dl=0 "Watch your back." Not something you expect to hear in a courtroom from the bench, huh.
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  6. With the little red 'Ad' in the corner... Not sure is real or parody or performance art or what. Not showing up in 'Watch History'. Possibly unlisted? Vote for black Jesus Antichrist Marcus Sykes and get a million dollars America 2.0 everybody let's go.
  7. Really weird. Ran across the street, and a car drove by. I couldn't see the lady but she was like "yeah I like the way you run baby! Oohhh yeah!" Fucking weird
  8. Just got an email from a balloon fetish studio featuring a video with the following premise: "Russian woman talks about how much she loves free speech, freedom, and democracy while humping and popping mylar Trump Baby balloons". The fuck?
  9. molarbear


    We focus on all of you Just having a good week https://imgur.com/t/dogs_are_the_best_people/EjErpFi
  10. Now hold on.... we haven't fried anyone in years....
  11. Curse you Red Barron!
  12. Maybe Fuggs should become a trucker herself.
  13. Poof


    i have to climb thru the attic to get the internet
  14. That deal was made by [as], not by Toonami, apparently. I mean, they pretty much were one and the same, but I'm afraid that's all I've got. Interestingly enough, Lupin the 3rd Part 4 aired for only 24 episodes in Japan, and had 2 OVAs, both of which we got!
  15. Congrats on the food baby!
  16. if the head of the enforcing branch doesn't respect the rule of law, why should any of the states give a fuck what the white house says?
  17. All I'm saying for me is until the day this legal bs is finally done and over with, it can go either way. I've mentioned before that I don't care for Vic, not as a person or as a VA, I've never considered myself a fan of his, but Funi and everyone involved in this did him very dirty. I don't want to see Ronica, Marchi, and Sabat just walk away from all this without paying something for it.
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    No, i'm drinking wine like some kinda....somethin'....and The Tick is playing in the background...these two things usually help me sleep
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