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Discuss news and current events here! Be civil, engage topically, no ad hominems or petty trolling, save that garbage for the cringe clown folder. :)

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  2. I might as well take this chance to post in a locked thread while I can, wow look at that. 💪😎
  3. im not following the national debt all that closely so i cant comment much. is this the debt we are paying off from old wars? if i remember correctly we kinda recently finished paying off the debts we had from ww2. could be 5-10 years ago. i do know borrow a shit ton as a nation, the money borrowed from the bailouts, that goes to the national debt? and our lenders happens to be whoever has the money like china or other banks. someone wanna clarify?
  4. fuck ernie! nothing but failure over and over again.
  5. We'll see what happens with my account. I haven't gotten a reason as to why I was banned yet, and I don't think I did anything wrong so we'll see if it gets overturned or if katt is really just allowed to ban people for whatever she wants.
  6. Yes it's an open club. Any account should be able to post in here, you were probably just fucking up before somehow. Feel free to hang out, just follow the rules and don't spam.
  7. My understanding is that it is a complete anachronism. I recall that it is legally possible for Congress to permanently eliminate a debt ceiling cap, but the political will hasn't arisen despite the politics that latch onto it through the opposition party's leveraging it in negotiations against the sitting president.
  8. there has been a lot of coverage recently about the debt ceiling, the budget, and the national debt. obviously not raising the debt ceiling at this point is a non-option because we need to not default on our debt. I don't think anyone disagrees with doing that (although how to do it and how much to is always up for debate) besides that point, i'm curious to see what people think about whether that massive number actually means anything
  9. Thanks for visiting! Please use this club to freely discuss whatever is on your mind regarding current events going on in the world around us. This is not limited solely to ITN (in the news) items or whatever shitshow is happening in the political realm this week, but also includes your own ideas, philosophies, concerns, frustrations, and hwat have you about being alive and trapped together on this rapidly warming planet we can never leave. The personal IS political. Your experiences are important, please share them. Vent, scream, cry. It is all okay. Basically, just talk about what you care about. Currently, this club is viewable by the public but only members may post. Members are invite-only. Please invite your friends!...if it lets you! We're still working out some of the the kinks with all this club business. The rules of this club are stricter than those of the Rants folder. While heat & passion and lively, spirited discussion are all appreciated, insulting others here is not allowed. Please direct all criticisms you may have to the ideas being expressed and not the person expressing them, so as to not bog down discussions with low-minded slapfights. Leave the mean-spiritedness to the gutter forums below Free For All. Failure to abide by these rules may result in loss of club membership. Of course, all other forum rules still apply. No flaming, no spamming, no racism, no sexism, absolutely no transphobia or otherwise bigoted remarks, etc etc. You all know what's up. Thanks, and happy posting!

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